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   Chapter 1189 Six Great Masters In The Primal Holy Realm

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This was a high-grade holy weapon that was made of eighteen swords. It was extremely powerful.

Austin never expected that he would obtain such a formidable weapon. He promptly took out the Slaughtering Sword and released a ray of bloody sword-light that cut the eighteen swords into halves.

The holy weapon was vulnerable before Austin's attack with the archaic weapon.


Nicolas cried, desperately. He had been so distraught over the destruction of the holy weapon that he hadn't noticed that Austin had moved closer to him. Now, the Slaughtering Sword in Austin's hand was pointed at his throat.

Austin slammed his fist on Nicolas' temple to render him unconscious. Then, Austin teleported him to the City model.

"Ha-ha. Mr. Gold Hand, we meet again!"

When Austin glanced around the room, he saw Mr. Gold Hand, one of the Holy Sons of the Magic Hand Sect.

Mr. Gold Hand was just an ordinary Holy Son, so his status was nowhere near as honorable as that of Gerry, the Holy Heritor of their sect.

This time, Gerry was the host of the elite gathering of the younger generation, while Mr. Gold Hand attended to mingle with the guests.

Aware that Austin had recognized him, the color drained from Mr. Gold Hand's face. He remembered the fight he had with Austin in the past. Realizing that he would get into trouble, Mr. Gold Hand thought about escaping.

"Why are you avoiding me, Mr. Gold Hand?"

Austin laughed. In the blink of an eye, he appeared before Mr. Gold Hand and grabbed him with only one hand.

Mr. Gold Hand, who was at the medium stage of Astral Realm, was nothing before Austin now.


Some elders are coming to our rescue! Just hold on for a while!"

Gerry shouted as he rushed toward the window. When hosting the gathering, he never imagined that Austin would be here.

On his head, a huge elixir pot released clouds of dense ivory smoke, which gave off an intoxicating aroma of elixirs. In a flash, Gerry was shrouded in the smoke.

This was a high-grade holy weapon.

"It's too late!"

Suddenly, Austin blocked his path. With a grim smile, he brandished the Slaughtering Sword.


With a loud crash, the elixir pot fell off Gerry's head.

Then Austin reached forward and grabbed it. The smile on Austin's face grew at the thought of having obtained a high-grade holy weapon.

"I'll kill you!"

Gerry barked in rage. He narrowed his eyes as he flipped his hand. In an instant, a pill with violent potency appeared on his palm.

'Eh, what is this?

Did Elder Drew successfully refine the Power-strengthening Pill?'

Austin's heart pounded at the thought.

Austin had once disguised himself and snuck into the Magic Hand Sect. After becoming Elder Drew's refinery assistant, Austin worked with him to refine the Power-strengthening Pill. Thus he was desperate to know whether the elixir on Gerry's palm was a Power-strengthening Pill.

As Austin had expected, the aura of Gerry's pill was fairly similar to tha


At last, Austin and the queen's joint attacks broke the blade-light.

"You beasts! You cannot hide from me!"

"Austin, you are doomed this time!"

The other five great masters in the Primal Holy Realm flew toward Austin.


Austin ordered the queen with his spiritual sense. Then he activated the Demonic Teleportation Skill. Within a second, he disappeared from in front of the Restaurant Aroma and appeared somewhere five kilometers away.

The queen dared not continue the fight either. So, she followed Austin.

The five overmatches in the Primal Holy Realm were elders of different sects. They were veterans with rich tactical experience and many mysterious skills. Austin and the queen knew that it would be impossible to defeat them.

Now that he had escaped the attack, Austin touched his Space Ring and took out the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot. Just as he was about to climb on, he heard a voice.

"You can't run!"

Suddenly, six great masters in the Primal Holy Realm showed up behind Austin and the queen.


Six aggressive assaults, including a beam of blade-light, a palm skill, a finger skill, and so on, headed toward them.

"I'll defend against them. Hurry up! Activate the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot!"

the queen shouted.

She channeled the evil energy inside her body to the Rigid Fire Fan in her hand. Simultaneously, she fanned it frantically to release the evil energy.

The flames and wind raged in the space around Austin and the queen. Strong vital energy forces collided with each other, shaking heaven and earth.


With a stroke of luck, the queen defeated the six great masters in the Primal Holy Realm. Although she was equipped with the Rigid Fire Fan, she had been injured. She coughed up several mouthfuls of blood.

"Done! Come on!"

Fortunately, at this point, the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot had been activated with divine vital energy crystals. Now, Austin had driven it to the queen to pick her up.

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