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   Chapter 1188 You Are Austin!

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The proposal for hiring the Deicide Organization to kill Austin was just too shocking! The said organization was a taboo subject throughout the South Continent. None of them would dare mention its notorious name.

As a very mysterious underground group of assassins, the organization specialized in operating for money.

The fee they charged for each assassination was prohibitively high. But as long as a client could pay enough, they would operate to kill anyone, regardless of how strong the cultivator was.

The most brilliant achievement won by the Deicide Organization was that it had successfully assassinated three great masters at the Semi-holy Realm!

Yet, as it had executed so many people, including warriors from almost every sect, it had also offended nearly all the forces from the South Continent.

There was a time when the major sects even worked together, trying to entirely annihilate the organization.

But they were hopeless as after a long time of searching, they couldn't even find the headquarters of the Deicide Organization.

Since then, the organization began to keep a low profile. It would not readily accept assassination tasks anymore, but once it did, it would charge a painstakingly high price.

"Well, it is a good idea to pay an assassin to slaughter that bastard Austin.

He should get a taste of his own medicine.

Nicolas, your idea is really quite good and impressive," a woman commented.

She was dressed in a snow-white coat, with a long pink dress, black hair. Her delicate face made her look like a secluded and attractive orchid in a deserted valley.

She was Jocelyn, the Holy Heritor of the New Moon Sect. Her status was much higher than that of Winnie because the latter was just an ordinary Holy Daughter of their sect.

"Ha-ha-ha, I didn't expect that the well-respected Jocelyn would agree with my idea," Nicolas said jubilantly as he heard her compliment.

Filled with unexpected joy, he was now looking at her with great admiration in his eyes.

As one of Jocelyn's admirers, he was also very excited.

"Yes, I agree, too,"

the rest people at the banquet also expressed their agreement one by one.

"But, Nicolas, it seems that Austin has no disputes with you. Why do you want him to die that much?" a young man cut in abruptly.

A moment ago, he leisurely entered the fifth floor of the Restaurant Aroma with a woman and old servant. They all hid their real power and looked so ordinary that nobody else noticed them.

'What is happening?'

The guests at the banquet were stunned as none of them would say a word against Nicolas––the most promising pill refiner. They now all steered their attention to the strangers.

"Who are you? Where are you from?" Nicolas asked huffily. As a celebrity, Nicolas was sure he had never met them before.

Then the others all found that they also didn't recognize the identity of these people.

All the guests, who c


All at once, the remaining young elites were struck by great panic, their faces changing dramatically. A moment ago, they were discussing the establishment of an association for the purpose of killing Austin. They even talked about hiring the Deicide Organization to assassinate him. However, unexpectedly, in a blink of an eye, Austin came to find them.

As for the purpose of his unexpected visit, these young elites were quite aware of that––he wanted to capture them all.

Hearing that the young man in front of him was Austin, Nicolas couldn't help but panic. His expression instantly changed from fury to fear, noting that he just said that he wanted to kill Austin.

However, he didn't mean it. He just wanted to show off among the young people and make them admire him. When Austin was standing in front of him now, he was just another coward.

Therefore, Nicolas turned around and tried to leave the restaurant.

"Wait! Nicolas, didn't you mention earlier that you would hire the Deicide Organization to assassinate me?

But why are you escaping right now?" Austin sneered coldly.

Meanwhile, he moved quickly and stopped Nicolas on his tracks.

"Austin, there is no conflict or hatred between you and my clan. Please don't give me a hard time," Nicolas uttered timidly and looking somewhat intimidated.

Although he was at the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm, he gave up the fight quickly as he was mortally afraid of death.

"No, you are wrong. There was no hatred between us before. But after you have proposed to hire an assassin to kill me, I have a grudge against you now," Austin replied quickly.

Immediately, he stretched out his hand to grab Nicolas.

"I'll fight you till the end!" Nicolas said firmly as he realized there was no escape from this.

He tapped his waist instantly, and eighteen long swords flew out, forming a complicated and mysterious sword array. Suddenly, it lunged towards Austin.

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