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   Chapter 1187 The Elixir City

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After leaving the cave he had been staying for days, Austin set his first target as the Holy Heritor of the Magic Hand Sect.

The Holy Heritor was of paramount significance to a sect as he would be an important candidate for the succession of the sect leader.

Thus, a Holy Heritor's status was superior to that of an elder.

Considering their value to a sect, Austin targeted the Holy Heritor of each sect first.

"Let's head to the Elixir City!"

Austin instructed his companions before leading them toward the Elixir City.

Along the way, Austin and his friends kept a low profile.

Austin wore his Appearance-transforming Clothes. He disguised himself as a plain-faced and dull young man that no one would notice.

He also asked Violet to help change the aura of his spiritual soul when they crossed crowded areas just to be sure that no one would learn of his true identity.

The Elixir City was located close to the Magic Hand Sect's headquarters.

Numerous people thronged to the Elixir City as it was the venue for this year's alchemy competition.

The alchemy competition was held every five years in the East Mainland. Each time, it would attract many younger generation pill refiners. Everyone wanted to come and compete at the competition with the hopes of proving their worthiness as pill refiners.

All sects in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom would send a representative to watch the competition. After the winners were announced, these representatives would try to recruit these young talents

as those well-recognized pill refiners were all already aligned with influential sects.

However, it was easier to find and recruit younger pill refiners.

Considering the benefits of attending the competition, the Elixir City was packed with young pill refiners and representatives of all sects.

For this reason, there was a lot of human traffic on the Elixir City's streets.

"What a huge crowd!"

Austin could not help but sigh when he saw how many people were present on the streets.

The queen and the sect leader also lo

were the most elite figures of their generation in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

"It is really a shame. One year ago, Keyon and I agreed to meet and drink with each other here.

I still can't believe that he fell into Austin's hands. What a great shame!"

A young man held up his drink and downed it, looking sad.

"Is Keyon really Austin's prisoner?"

A man carrying a broadsword asked curiously.

"Yes, he is. I heard this from the elder of the Ghost Puppet Sect. There is no mistake,"

said another handsome young man, who was clad in white. He emitted a peaceful aura—one that refreshed and energized all other people around him.

He was Gerry, the Holy Heritor of the Magic Hand Sect. Everyone thought he was the most promising candidate for succession to sect leader. His social status was unparalleled in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

"Austin is treacherous and cruel. It is in everyone's best interest to hunt him and kill him.

May I suggest that we pool our resources, form an alliance, and hunt Austin. What do you guys think?"

said a yellow-clad man. The voice belonged to Nicolas. Austin had bumped into him on the street earlier.

"Great idea. We can even hire the Deicide Organization and ask them to send their best hitman to kill Austin,"

another person suggested in a low voice.

Everyone else was shocked at this idea.

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