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   Chapter 1186 Continue The Hunting Game (Part Two)

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Everyone listen to me! We will continue the hunting game! Remember, people with positions and those who are the core force of their clans and sects are our primary targets! Especially the stewards and elders who are too occupied and slow!"

Upon saying this, Austin's eyes narrowed as a shadow of a smile appeared at the corner of his lips.

His fierce look and blood-warming speech immediately excited all of the people around him. The Sect Supremo, Nathan, all of the members of the Heaven Pavilion Sect's lead team, and even the evil shadow race and the queen all nodded their heads as they smiled at this young man.

It seemed to everyone that Austin was addicted to the hunting game he had created. In their hearts, they knew that a leader as ambitious as Austin was the only kind of leader they would be willing to risk their heads for just to show him praise.

Every time when some spoke of putting an elder or core disciple from the enemy sect in chains, Austin would get a particular glint in his eyes. This time, they were ready -- very much ready. In fact, that they would not even hesitate for a second to go for whomever Austin had asked them to go after.

Meanwhile, when all of this was happening, some discussions was also going on inside the headquarters of the Veritable Demon Sect.

Every single member of the sect had been gathered there by the leader.

Almost all of the elders of the sect were present and sitting on their seats, ready to hear what their leader had to say.

Sitting on the throne in front of everyone, a man called everyone to silence. He was definitely no normal person. His body was perfectly shaped by the muscles that were bulging out of his shirt. And even though he was close to being fifty years old, he did not show any signs of weakness at all. As a matter of fact, his giant hands even looked like they could tear a living animal apart.

That was right. He was the leader of the Veritable Demon Sect, and one of the greatest masters of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

"So, it is true that a lot of our disciples have been captured by this young man -- Austin. What do you think we should do about it?"

The leader said to the crowd with nothing written on his face. It wa

eld Skill. I am very happy for you and very glad that I have such a strong cultivator in my sect. You must keep it up,"

the leader suddenly said to Barker in praise.

"Yes, sire. Thank you for your kind words. That is true. I have been working on the Golden-shield Skill for a while now. And I have just gotten a hold of it. There's way more effort needed to be put in if I am to work my way up, which I surely will."

Barker was flattered when he realized that the leader was praising him for his skill. 'It must be my lucky day, ' thought Barker.

"Sire, I must go now before Austin goes somewhere else. Rest assured that I will make sure he listens."

The moment he finished talking, he wasted no time before leaving immediately and heading to Austin.

However, right at this moment, Austin had already gathered his force and left the cave. They were all super pumped with the mission that Austin had given to them: to continue the hunting game!

They were even more excited now that Austin had changed his strategy than they were last time when they captured several thousands of men.

This time, their primary target were the elders and core forces of the clans and sects that dared to hold his two dear friends in hostage. Austin wanted them to feel exactly what he was feeling right now -- the pain of losing anything they held dear.

He just knew how much impact he would be bringing to his enemies, and he was certain that he would enjoy every single minute of it.

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