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   Chapter 1185 Continue The Hunting Game (Part One)

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Deep inside the cave where Austin was hiding, he did some planning right before he started to seclude himself for another breakthrough.

First, he summoned Nathan, the Sect Supremo, some strong cultivators who were in the Astral Realm from the Heaven Pavilion Sect, and some key members from the evil shadow race. Austin only had one mission for them: that was to fish for some information about Evan and Herbert.

Meanwhile, the queen of the evil shadow race remained with Austin inside the cave to make sure that he was safe.

After about a day and a half in seclusion, Austin finally broke through to the medium stage of Tribulation Realm!

While tightly grasping his two palms, Austin suddenly felt something different as several strengthened flows of vital energy force started flowing through his veins. Compared to what he was feeling before that day, this was quite calm yet extremely powerful.

Austin imagined that if he practiced the Slaughtering Sword in that exact moment, the power it released would be beyond his expectations -- an invincible and monstrous power!

Upon learning that Austin had already completed his breakthrough to the medium stage of the Tribulation Realm, the people whom he had sent out to fish information started to return.

"The Heavenly Emperor City -- that is where Evan and Herbert are as of now. I am sure of it,"

Austin said deliberately.

"Master, it is quite obvious that they are only trying to lure you into their trap by sending out these words! They want you to go to the Heavenly Emperor City!

I am sure that they will be very 'welcoming' if you do decide to go out there. After all, a treachery must be well-planned before waiting for its prey to come along.

Master, I urge you to think twice before you decide on what to do. That is a real threat you are going to face.

And we need to be careful. You, need to be careful."

Upon guessing the whole plot of Austin's enemies, the Sect Supremo tried to calm Austin down before he decided to do anything impulsive.

"He is right, indeed. I also have other informants who have heard other cultivators talking. They think that the myth of the Semi-Holy Realm masters may not be a myth after all. In fact, rumor has it that great mast

ly have all of their heads chopped off their shoulders.

Even though the queen had already refined the archaic weapon, and her combat power base had been boosted up and strengthened significantly, Austin still doubted if that would be enough for them to fight the clans and sects of the Heaven Dragon Holy Kingdom.

After all, it was a kingdom with a very rich culture that traced back to the ancient times, and the clans and sects surely did not get their name for doing nothing. They must have archaic magic treasures in possession -- something stronger and much more powerful compared to the archaic weapon.

Just like the archaic puppet of the Ghost Puppet Sect which was one of the very few archaic magic treasures that Austin had seen and was literally invincible.

A kingdom as old as the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom and a kind of magic treasure more powerful than the archaic weapon sounded like a good match to Austin.

"Yes, that's also true. With what we have right now, we won't stand a chance in a fight against the clans and sects of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, so we will no longer discuss about that.

However, I must save my brothers' lives no matter what it takes. I will make sure that Evan and Herbert will be freed. I made a promise to myself and I will follow through with it.

This time, it would be better to use a cunning strategy than to attack by force.

Everyone, do you still remember our hunting game? Oh, let us play the game to the fullest this time!

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