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   Chapter 1184 Distant Bellows

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The news had gone viral very soon—Elder Hart of the Sky Sect was brutally killed by Austin's conspirator, a woman at the Primal Holy Realm!

The whole Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom was once again outraged because of the death of another prominent cultivator.

Since everyone in the Sky Sect knew that Elder Hart was an excellent cultivator at the Primal Holy Realm, they couldn't help but be shaken by the news.

Generally, in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, a cultivator at the Heaven Realm would be competent enough to gain considerable prestige and dominance over a certain area of the kingdom. Considering that they were weaker than those at the Primal Holy Realm, one could only imagine how truly powerful the cultivators at the Primal Holy Realm were!

An average cultivator would regard the Primal Holy Realm as a legendary realm that only a few outstanding cultivators, or rather great masters, would be able to reach.

But now that such a rare and excellent cultivator who was able to reach this realm, was unexpectedly murdered, furor quickly took hold of the entire Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

No one wanted to calm down. Elder Hart's death was a huge loss to the sect, and everyone wanted retribution.

With him being involved in the whole thing, no matter how indirectly, Austin's name was once again on everyone's lips.

"That Austin guy really had a conspirator at the Primal Holy Realm, huh! It's so astonishing!

Now I know how he managed to capture the strong cultivators at the Heaven Realm from those powerful sects,"

one person remarked to another, his face lighting up because of his newfound realization.

"Yeah, I thought of that as well. At the beginning, I felt strange that Austin—that cocky guy—really dared to defy the powerful sects of the kingdom.

But now I know why he was so cocky and fearless—he was just backed by a woman who was at the Primal Holy Realm. Kinda makes him incredibly unimpressive,"

another person exclaimed as he rolled his eyes.

"Well, let's wait and see how badly that bumptious loser will be punished. The Sky Sect lost a strong cultivator at the Primal Holy Realm. They will certainly waste no time and quickly kill him as a form of revenge,"

someone surmised.

"Humph, you know what? I think that that cocky Austin guy is just too cocky to even know how strong he is.

Yes, he is with a woman at Primal Holy Realm, but I think he is completely oblivious about the fact that there are cultivators at the Semi-holy Realm within those powerful sects, and their power is far more formidable than his woman conspirator!

Does he really think that a woman who is merely at the Primal Holy Realm would be able to destroy our kingdom? What a clueless doofus! In his dreams!"

another person interjected in a mocking tone, responding to others in their small talk.

"Elder Hart was such a rare talent in our sect, but he perished so unexpectedly.

That is just ... unforgivable!

Austin, that barbaric and b

e to send out a multitude of troops to track down Austin in order to kill him in every way possible!

"Austin, you despicable little bastard!

Come straight to the Heavenly Emperor City if you want to save the two friends of yours.

Otherwise, I will kill them both very soon!"

These were the words these powerful sects were transmitting as they went around in hopes of tracking Austin down.

After the combat near the Ghost Puppet City, Austin disappeared without a trace. It was like he never existed. With that, they devised a plan to entice Austin to come out to the Heavenly Emperor City. Their bait? Evan and Herbert.

The Heavenly Emperor City was a massive city in the east of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. The city had a long history. According to legends, it was constructed by a prominent cultivator at the Emperor Realm in ancient times.

Soon enough, Austin's reply came. "If any of my friends is harmed in any way, shape or form by any of you, none of the disciples I have captured would survive.

So go ahead and try to endanger my friends if you do not value the people I have with me. Again, I wouldn't hesitate—I would murder all of the bastards that have ever endangered my friends!"

His tone was serious and menacing. Despite him not being there in person, his rage could be clearly felt.


Upon hearing Austin's reply, many cultivators couldn't help but feel scared.

"Is that Austin guy insane? How dare he act so this way!

How dare he threaten to kill all the disciples of such powerful sects and clans!"

someone exclaimed.

"Confronting so many forces all by himself requires both cultivation strength and guts.

Austin is indeed audacious—and in the extreme sense of the word,"

another person chimed in, sighing.

"I think his act of defiance is merely suicidal.

Just think about it. If Austin infuriates the cultivators at the Semi-holy Realm, do you think he has any chance of surviving their attacks?"

someone sneered.

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