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   Chapter 1183 It's Yours Now

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The queen flashed in front of Austin and brandished the Rigid Fire Fan in her hand, aiming destructive flames at their opponents.

Forceful streams of cyan airflow swept over them with the blaze. Austin soon recognized that they were wind balls, which could spin rapidly in the air and could be as sharp as blades.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The flames burned all over the archaic puppet, and the sharp wind balls were scraping against its body. It painted a picture of the inferno!

The archaic puppet slowed down, fighting hard against the aggressive flames and wind balls.

Moore, the elder of the Ghost Puppet Sect, nearly jumped out of his skin to witness the scene.

"Impossible!" The elder in a yellow robe was dumbstruck as well.

The wind balls knocked down the yellow sands he summoned as if they were feathers.

Each grain of his Corrosive Yellow Sand was more than ten thousand pounds but now were just blown away by those wind balls.

That was the real power of the Rigid Fire Fan.

Austin's eyes lit up when he saw how a mere wave of the Rigid Fire Fan took down both the archaic puppet and the Corrosive Yellow Sand summoned by his enemies. The queen was, indeed, mighty impressive!

He soon realized how he still had a long way before being able to exert one hundred percent of the Slaughtering Sword's power. Had he mastered the Slaughtering Sword, it would have been easy to end this fight in his favor.


The queen disappeared into thin air. In a split second, she flashed beside the elder in a yellow robe.

The queen moved like greased lightning. Even with the help of spiritual sense, a cultivator couldn't notice her coming.

Although the elder in a yellow robe also reached the Primal Holy Realm, his cultivation base was weaker than the queen's. Moreover, his bodily movement skill and spiritual sense could not even compare with hers.

He didn't even notice the queen's movement until she appeared next to him, sending a frigid chill down his spine.

Before he could even react, the queen had already ignited the Rigid Fire Fan in her hand, aiming an attack at him.

Fiery flames targeted him, and the scorching heat could turn everything into ashes. The cyan wind balls, meanwhile, were rushing towards him too.


Moore! Help!"

The fire had engulfed him in a blink

ou. I'll destroy all of them!"

Austin uttered, clenching his teeth in anger.

Rage was stirred up when he recalled how he fell into their trap and got severely hurt. He was almost as good as dead because of them.

Evan and Herbert were still in danger, which was one more reason for him not to give up.

"So, what's your plan, Austin?

Are you going to find your friends first?"

the queen asked.

"I plan to meditate in seclusion for a day first.

Although I'm badly hurt, I can still feel my vital energy surging up inside my body.

Perhaps it's the sign of another breakthrough in my cultivation base," Austin answered.

Words failed the queen when she heard Austin, widening her eyes in shock. When she just met Austin, he only reached the premium stage of Astral Realm. And he upgraded to the Tribulation Realm in the small alternate dimension.

In fact, it had been just a few days since he broke through into the Tribulation Realm, and here he was, about to make another breakthrough.

"Okay. Here you go."

The queen took out the Rigid Fire Fan and handed it to Austin.

"It's yours now. I have sent it to you as a gift."

Austin smiled.

"It's mine? Are you serious?

No! I can't accept such a precious gift. I can't take it."

The queen was caught by surprise. The Rigid Fire Fan was an archaic weapon that millions of cultivators in the Prime Martial World yearned for.

"I mean it, Your Majesty. So, please, just take it back.

What's more, this Rigid Fire Fan does go well with you,"

Austin said airily.

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