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   Chapter 1182 Successful Refinement

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"Moore, after we kill him, the archaic weapons..."

the old man in the yellow robe said hesitantly.

"Don't worry, Hart. I won't take them all. We can claim an equal number of archaic weapons,"

the middle-aged man from Ghost Puppet Sect explained.

"All right!"

the old man dressed in yellow felt reassured when he heard the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man from the Ghost Puppet Sect controlled an archaic puppet. The old man in the yellow robe knew that he was weaker than the middle-aged man. He worried that the middle-aged man from the Ghost Puppet Sect would take all of Austin's archaic weapons and not share any with him.

He felt relieved and excited when the middle-aged man from the Ghost Puppet Sect agreed to share the archaic weapons with him.

Greed shone in his eyes as he rushed toward Austin.

"Go to hell!"

The old man in the yellow robe waved his right hand and sprinkled something, which bathed Austin in yellow light. Every streak of yellow light was as heavy as a mountain. What was more surprising was that a rumbling sound was emitted from the light.

This was a powerful weapon named the Corrosive Yellow Sand, which he had cultivated before. It was actually yellow sand, but this kind of sand was very heavy. Once he put vital energy into a grain of sand, it would weigh as much as six hundred thousand pounds. And the Corrosive Yellow Sand would also emit a corrosive yellow mist that would kill the enemy in a second.

The old man dressed in yellow did not hesitate. He launched one of his strongest attacks to kill Austin as soon as possible.

While the old man in yellow was attacking Austin, the middle-aged man from the Ghost Puppet Sect manipulated the archaic puppet to rush toward the queen. He wanted to stop her from refining the fan.


Austin raised the Slaughtering Sword and released several bloody sword auras. He intended to block the yellow sand with his sword aura. Simultaneously, he moved to the side to dodge the attack.

Unfortunately, pain exploded in Austin's chest. Despite his efforts, the Corrosive Yellow Sand had hit Austin's chest and left a fist-sized hole. Blood oozed from the hole in his chest.

It was impossible to block hundreds of thousands of the Corrosive Yellow Sand particles!

The moment the Corrosive Yellow Sand hit him, Austin winced. Pain coursed through him. With his remaining energy, Austin activa

ged man from the Ghost Puppet Sect also got furious.

The archaic puppet suddenly jumped high in the air before heading for Austin. The puppet looked like an enormous piece of steel that was going to squash its target.

"Can I defend against this attack?"

Austin wondered as he smiled bitterly.

However, Austin did not give up. He gritted his teeth and raised the Slaughtering Sword again.

Austin was weak from blood loss by now. He felt as though the Slaughtering Sword in his hand was about twenty times heavier than it was before.

But, Austin would never give up. He knew he had to fight right till his last dying breath.

"Come on!"

Austin roared as he directed his vital energy into the Slaughtering Sword. A thick bloody murderous aura gushed out from the Slaughtering Sword and covered Austin's entire body.

Just as Austin was about to swing the Slaughtering Sword, a voice stopped him.

"Step aside, and cure your wounds. Let me take care of them,"

a transparent petite and lithe figure appeared beside Austin. It was the queen!

She held the Rigid Fire Fan in her hand. Before Austin could reply, she shook her fan at the two elders. The fan created a terrible whirlwind, which then turned into invisible sharp wind swords.

"You succeed in refining it!"

Austin said ecstatically.

"Yes, I haven't used a magic treasure meant for human cultivators. That is why it took me more time. As I refined, I found that, in essence, your magic treasures are the same as the magic treasures of our race.

And that is why I finished refining the fan,"

the queen explained.

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