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   Chapter 1181 Refine The Fan (Part Two)

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After all, magic treasures at the archaic level and the archaic puppet were of about the same strength.

"You're desperate to greet your doom, aren't you? All right, let me do you a favor!"

The elder from the Ghost Puppet Sect got enraged by his enemies' plan. In his fury, he shouted at Austin and immediately strengthened his force in preparation for an attack. He did not want to leave any chance for the woman to refine the fan.

A gush of air filled the space as something with immense momentum fleeted by.

The archaic puppet was huge and was about fifty or sixty meters high. It was firmly built—like a fortress of iron and steel flying in the air. Under the manipulation of the elder, it darted directly at Austin without mercy. The air stirred and the whole space trembled because of its violent movement. The space around it became contorted and all the air within hundreds of meters from it was extracted. At this point, the whole area had turned into vacuum.

However, Austin's face seemed eerily composed. He moved to the side to dodge the impact from the puppet in time, and swung the Slaughtering Sword in his hand wildly in the very next moment. At once, rays of red sword aura were launched at the lifeless killing monster without stopping.

A deafening noise resounded as the two powerful forces collided.

The puppet waved its arms to break all of the sword aura from Austin's sword. Its attacking force was able to bypass all the broken pieces of sword aura and directly hit Austin's waist.

At once, Austin felt a painful force hit his body.

He was immediately thrown back by the punch as he vomited out a mouthful of blood.

time, you will not be as lucky as you were last time!"

The elder's words were already tantamount to the call of the God of Death. However, at this critical moment, a yellow shadow darted towards Austin with a lightning-fast speed.

It was the old man in a yellow robe in the Ghost Puppet City.

The old man was actually an advanced warrior whose cultivation base was at the Primal Holy Realm level. However, the downside was that his bodily movement skill was extremely weak.

Compared to the archaic puppet, his movement was slower despite them both using the bodily movement skill to chase Austin. In fact, he was even slower than Austin in that aspect.

So during the pursuit, he got left far behind.

He just arrived here at this moment.

The arrival of the old man in a yellow robe delighted the elder from the Ghost Puppet Sect greatly.

"Finally you came! How about you kill Austin and I stop the woman from refining the archaic weapon?"

said the elder from the Ghost Puppet Sect after relaying the current situation to the other elder in a yellow robe using his spiritual sense.

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