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   Chapter 1180 Refine The Fan (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6187

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The elder from the Ghost Puppet Sect manipulated the archaic puppet to attack the queen as he ceaselessly cursed using obscene words, making him look abjectly indecent in all aspects. He had no intention to mask his true despicable self at this moment.

"I caught a glimpse of the so-called renowned sects in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom today. I'm telling you this; they are dens to lowly animals dressed in human robes!"

Austin said to ridicule the elder. Upon hearing this, the elder's face immediately darkened with sheer coldness and his eyes burned with a fervent intention to kill.

"You're so talkative, you son of a bitch! If I were you, I would shut myself up and start trying to figure out a way to run before I gut your chest and strip you off your spiritual soul to see whether you are actually a human or a demon in disguise!"

said the elder from the Ghost Puppet Sect as he cast a malicious look at Austin.

It was very strenuous and energy-consuming to control the archaic puppet. So the elder was unable to deal with two warriors at the same time. Since he was in the middle of his fight with the queen, there was no way for him to launch an attack against Austin. Threatening him was all he could do for the time being, but that was far from enough.

He obviously hated this young man with every fiber of his being. If only he had the opportunity, he would have already hit the lad and killed him brutally.

The queen seemed to be moving awkwardly while under the attack of the archaic puppet. She was pulling back one step after the other to protect herself from being harmed by its powerful attacks. More than that, she seemed to have already lost the ability to attack back. That was not something good for both the queen and Austin.

Because of that, Austin was growing more and more anxious over the disadvantag

tions over Austin's suggestion. She was caught between a rock and a hard place.

"We have no choice. This is the only thing we can try. So we must do it!"

Austin was overcome with a sense of urgency in the face of such a crucial situation.

"All right. I will try it," the queen sighed after hesitating for a little while.

She had no choice but to take Austin's suggestion given how dangerous their current situation was. She moved away from the battlefield and flew to a place a couple of thousand meters away. Then, she sat there and urgently began to refine the fan.

Meanwhile, when the elder from the Ghost Puppet Sect saw Austin put an archaic magic treasure onto the queen's hand, he suddenly realized what they were planning to do. The woman wanted to refine this archaic magic treasure as fast as she could here!

This gave the elder a bit of a start. Still, he started growing anxious. After all, the woman's cultivation base was at the Primal Holy Realm. Therefore, she was extremely powerful—just not as powerful as the combination of his powers and the puppet's. However, if she successfully refined the archaic magic treasure, there might be a chance for her to ward off the attack of the archaic puppet.

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