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   Chapter 1179 Pursued By A Primal Holy Realm Master

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"Humph! You can't get away this time. I'd like to see if you're a demon in disguise.

Why did you imprison so many disciples from top sects? What are you up to, huh?

If you don't release them, we'll never stop chasing you," the middle-aged man standing on the shoulder of the puppet said coldly.

Although he was far away from Austin, he used his vital energy to speak, so his voice could reach Austin's ears.

This middle-aged man was an elder of the Ghost Puppet Sect. Not only he had entered the Primal Holy Realm, but he was also adept in puppet manipulation.

Under his control, the archaic puppet moved at an alarming speed, creating a strong gust of wind. Because of this, the distance between the middle-aged man and Austin was reducing by every second.

"Stop him!"

the middle-aged man shouted when he was one kilometer away from Austin.


The puppet threw a punch towards Austin's back. In a blink of an eye, a bright, vital energy column shot from its fist, reaching Austin in an instant.

Austin was startled by the sudden attack. 'I couldn't believe this archaic puppet can launch an attack from a thousand meters away, ' he thought.

That vital energy column moved so fast that Austin's heart almost sank in fear.

What was worse, it also contained an abominably strong power, which Austin recognized to be perilous.

In a panic, Austin waved his Slaughtering Sword, and two streaks of bloody sword aura dashed at the vital energy column.


Austin felt his vital energy and blood flowed irregularly. 'This puppet is so amazing. If I try to withstand its second attack, I might get hurt, ' he thought.

Upon seeing Austin ward off the blow, the elder of the Ghost Puppet Sect put on a sullen, grim look on his face.

Austin activ

t engaged in an intense fight, sending energy waves that could shake the earth and space around them.

The void was torn apart, and the sky was fractured with cracks. Explosions from the mountains, woods, and the ground below them blasted continuously. Smoke soared into the air, and people who were a hundred miles away could hear the blaring noise caused by the fight.

Austin was utterly surprised to learn that the queen was weaker than the archaic puppet.

She kept grunting in pain and was set a couple of steps back, trying to resist the blows.

"Ha-ha. You release such intense evil energy. So, I guess you're not really a human, huh?

I've never slept with women of other races. Perhaps you could bring me more fun than human girls do," the elder of the Ghost Puppet Sect said, fixing his lewd eyes on the queen's voluptuous figure.

He might be a strong cultivator, but he was a lecher too.

Being the elder of the Ghost Puppet Sect, he was well-respected in the entire Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. He would always act kind and decent with a serious sense of character in public, but because there was no one around, he showed his real self––a lewd and surly pervert.

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