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   Chapter 1178 Sensing Evil Auras Coming From Austin

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Austin frowned when he saw the enormous human-shaped puppet walking toward him. The energy emitted by the puppet was astonishing. Austin estimated that its military capability was equally powerful.

A middle-aged man stood on the broad shoulders of the archaic puppet.

This man's vital energy cultivation base seemed to be at the Primal Holy Realm.

Austin gasped when he realized how hard it would be to deal with them.

The powerful combination of a master at the Primal Holy Realm and an archaic puppet was genuinely frightening!

"Get ready to leave!"

Austin instructed the others through his spiritual sense.

Meanwhile, he used his mind to transport the leader of the Fire Worshiping Sect and Fanny's grandfather to his City model.

"Humph, are you thinking about escaping? I will not let that happen!"

The old man in the yellow robe sneered when he realized that Austin and his companions were trying to leave. In the blink of an eye, he patted his waist. Suddenly, several yellow light-spots flew out.

These yellow light-spots looked tiny, like grains of yellow sand.

And yet, each yellow light-spot rumbled and seemed as heavy as a mountain. Austin's eyes widened when he noticed that the space around the spots nearly collapsed as they passed through.

Before he could react, a shower of yellow light-spots rained down on Austin, like meteorites.

Austin was shocked. 'What are these yellow light-spots? They look so small, but why is each one so heavy?' he wondered.

Although astonished, Austin brandished his Slaughtering Sword. Four or five streaks of blood-red sword aura shot out from the sword in a flash. They headed straight for the yellow light-spots.

The queen's face darkened, too. She had also noticed that something was weird about these yellow light-spots.

She summoned her energy and, at once, a gray disc, shaped like a full moon, flew out of her delicate body and shone brightly. Various runes had been carved on the disc. It spun at high speed as it smashed its way toward the yellow light-spots.

Austin had seen the queen use her magic treasure, the Shadowy Moon Disc, before.

"Clang, clang..."

As the sword aura and the disc released by Austin and the queen blocked the yellow light-spots, a ser


The result was unexpected! Everyone involved fell into Austin's hands.

The people arrested by Austin included ten elders at the Heaven Realm, as well as elite and principal disciples of various sects such as Keyon, the Holy Heritor of the Ghost Puppet Sect, Nora from the Song Clan, and Jeffrey from the Kong family.

The news caused an uproar throughout the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

The cause of this incident added to the people's displeasure.

"It is said that Austin arrested those disciples because the big sects and forces took away two of his best friends first. Austin is doing to them what they did to him."

"Oh, I see!"

"Then the big sects and forces are at fault."

"Hush! Keep your voice down! Do you want to die? How dare you say that out loud?

If word gets out and those big sects and forces challenge you, will you be able to deal with them?"

Everyone all across the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom debated amongst themselves.

Austin and the queen, however, escaped from the Ghost Puppet City by relying on their bodily movement skills.

Austin executed his Demonic Teleportation Skill several times in a row, and within a few seconds, he had left the city far away.

The queen was not slower than Austin. On the contrary, her nearly transparent body moved faster than Austin.

Austin gasped at her speed.

Soon, he noticed two streaks of lights chasing them.

It was the old man in the yellow robe and the archaic puppet from the Ghost Puppet Sect.

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