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   Chapter 1177 Kill Them All

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The headquarters of the Ghost Puppet Sect was in the neighborhood of the Ghost Puppet City. They sent the archaic puppet from the headquarters to handle Austin this time!

Austin had heard of the archaic puppet of the Ghost Puppet Sect before––their most valuable treasure.

It was said that they had two supreme puppets with undeniable power.

One of them was a low-grade archaic puppet, and the other was a middle-grade archaic puppet.

However, the latter one was completely destroyed hundreds of years ago by a great master and it couldn't be used anymore.

Rumors had it that the Ghost Puppet Sect had been trying to fix it, but it was unknown to the outsiders whether they were successful or not.

"Hurry up! We are going to retreat!"

Austin was clear that although he owned an archaic weapon, his cultivation base was at a low level, and he couldn't make the best use of the archaic weapon yet.

An archaic puppet, once manipulated by a powerful warrior, would produce an overwhelming effect––which was beyond his ability to deal with.

Even the queen was not able to tackle it.

The queen seemed to know the power of the archaic puppet as well and acted immediately.

In no time, the ten masters at the Heaven Realm had all been caught by Austin and the queen.

Then, they dashed towards the warriors at the Tribulation Realm and Master Realm.

The queen's intense spate of spiritual sense dashed in all directions like a torrential wave of tides.

Suddenly those warriors at the Tribulation Realm, Astral Realm, and Master Realm were attacked, and those with inferior spiritual senses fell onto the ground one after another.

At the same time, the queen shook her hand, and an overwhelming blast of grey evil energy rushed out of her body and swept across the sky.

No one could resist it even though they were at the level of the Tribulation Realm, Astral Realm, and Master Realm.

All the warriors were caught in a matter of minutes.

Everyone inside the array was seized by Austin and trapped in the City model.

These men had set up the Imprisoning Array painstakingly to lure Austin into it, but they didn't expect the odds to turn against them.


's grandfather explained with a huge smile.

He was indeed a fifth-grade array expert.

"Austin, go to hell!"

The moment Austin went out of the array, the elder in a yellow robe appeared in front of him.

He created a gigantic hand made of vital energy and sent it flying towards Austin.

One had to admit that the vital energy force of a warrior at the Primal Holy Realm was extraordinary.

That huge hand froze the whole space before landing, sending everything to a standstill, and stopping the airflow. Austin and the others felt a strong gust of vital energy force control their bodies.

"That's all you can do?" the queen snorted.

She flung her arms forward, and an overwhelming spate of evil energy took the air.


The massive hand made of vital energy was shattered instantly.

"A master at the Primal Holy Realm! Who are you?!"

The elder trembled with shock and asked in a severe tone.

Famed masters at the Primal Holy Realm were rarely seen in the South Continent. Aggressively combing through his hair, the elder tried to figure out who that master was.

"Austin, release the Holy Heritor of our Ghost Puppet Sect!

Otherwise, I will kill you!"

A human-shaped puppet, which was about fifty or sixty meters tall, let out a blaring growl and rushed forward in big strides.

"The archaic puppet of the Ghost Puppet Sect!"

Suddenly, the air was filled with whispers as the infamous archaic puppet came to sight.

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