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   Chapter 1176 The Archaic Puppet (Part Two)

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"If I go down, so will you bastard!" the elder shouted at the top of his lungs.


The elder fought against the fire ball inside his Soul Sea while the vital energy force flooded out of his body to form a symbol a pair of fishes. And immediately, this double-fish pattern rushed in the direction of the queen with great power and speed.

The double-fish pattern, however, had a curve in the middle which divided it into two parts, the black part and the white part. With each part in a shape of a fish, it was a fractal that seemed to contain profound rules.

"Look! Elder Dylan from the Sky Sect is using his strongest skill! I can't believe my eyes! It's the Double-fish Form! I heard that this was the top secret skill of the Sky Sect!"

someone from the crowd exclaimed with such amazement.

"Hump! I doubt that. It's just parlor trick!" the queen of the evil shadow race sneered with disgust at that moment.

She waved her hand and an extremely powerful grey evil energy burst out of it. And in a split second, the Double-fish Form was destroyed into smithereens. This sent Elder Dylan into a state of shock and immobility. This made it easier for the queen to capture him and throw him straight to Austin waiting nearby.

And without thinking twice, Austin took Elder Dylan and transported him into the City model.

"No! She is a cultivator at the Primal Holy Realm!"

The other elders at the Heaven Realm were scared as they witnessed how the queen of the evil shadow race easily attacked Elder Dylan. They could tell upon observing that the transparent grey figure was actually a cultivator at the Primal Holy Realm!

"Send the message quickly. The good-for-nothing Austin, has a helper at the Primal Holy Re

in his emotions.

'In order to defeat me, there is a Primal Holy Realm cultivator hidden in the Ghost Puppet City, just waiting to finish me. Now I see their plan! And now that he has already found out how the fight went, he is coming to stop me!' Austin thought to himself.


In the edge of the horizon, violent thunderous sounds were heard. It seemed that something terrible was breaking the sky and moving closer towards the Ghost Puppet City.

"Hand on tight, everybody! The puppet at the archaic level from our sect is coming to help us!"

Keyon, the Holy Heritor of the Ghost Puppet Sect exclaimed with surprise and joy.


The puppet at the archaic level of the Ghost Puppet Sect?'

Hearing what Keyon had just said, the rest of the cultivators could not contain their happiness. In fact, they had already heard so much about the puppet at the archaic level!

Austin and the queen were not deaf. They hear every bit of Kayon's words. Their hearts both pounded violently. Looking in the end of the sky, both of them had serious looks on their faces as they sensed the earth-shattering aura that the puppet was giving off.

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