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   Chapter 1175 The Archaic Puppet (Part One)

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"Get ready. We will defeat the ten elders at the Heaven Realm together,"

Austin told the queen of the evil shadow race through his spiritual sense while looking at the people who shouted around him.

At that moment, the queen of the evil shadow race was hiding beside the lotus lake.

The evil shadow race had the ability to hide themselves by invisibility. They changed their bodies to almost transparent. On the other hand, it became easier for the queen of the evil shadow race because she was already at the Primal Holy Realm. Upon launching her invisibility skill, her whole body was nearly completely hidden in the air. No one could find her except a warrior with an extremely powerful spiritual sense.

So no one near the area had noticed her, although the queen of the evil shadow race was very close to these cultivators. All of them thought Austin came alone.

The queen of the evil shadow race displayed such a great move that nobody knew she was even there, just beside them.

Meanwhile, Austin asked for help from Nathan, the head of the Fire Worshiping Sect.

Nathan was powerful. He was already at the medium stage of Heaven Realm. As long as Austin and the queen of the evil shadow race could keep the ten elders at the Heaven Realm busy, it was easy for Nathan to attack and defeat all other cultivators who guarded the place.

With that being said, Nathan really needed Austin and the queen of the evil shadow's help for he could not do it alone.

"Listen, everyone! Don't waste any more time. Capture Austin immediately!"

one of the elders said firmly. He noticed that Austin was very calm and did not show any tinge of nervousness in his body.

Austin's confidence made them feel disturbed. They were worried t

with him.

"Who are you?"

"Stay cautious! Austin has a helper! Don't panic!"

"Watch out, everybody!"

The other cultivators witnessed that Austin and the queen of the evil shadow race took down a cultivator at the Heaven Realm without great efforts. This made the other warriors too afraid to even fight back.

Austin had no time dilly-dallying. He hoped to end the fight as soon as possible.

He was aware that there were many powerful cultivators inside the Ghost Puppet City. They could sense what was happening through their spiritual senses.

If he did not end this fight as soon as possible, the more powerful ones would come and aid his opponents. He couldn't afford to lose any more time and strength. So he would never let that happen.

Austin's once again activated his Spiritual Sense Incinerating Skill again. Then, he directed his attacks on another elder at the Heaven Realm.

Instantly, the same thing happened to the second elder at the Heaven Realm. Bursts of flames appeared inside his Soul Sea, just like what happened to his comrade.

With no time to waste, the queen's body moved and flashed in the direction of that elder.

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