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   Chapter 1174 Daydream

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9426

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The over one hundred people gazed at Austin, bitterly.

They had carefully and deliberately planned to set up a trap to lure Austin. Everyone involved was an elite disciple, and they were all from various sects while some were elders in the Heaven Realm.

They had not expected the surprising results. They could not understand how Austin was still safe and sound, whereas over twenty of their colleagues had died in the fierce battle. It was hard for them to accept the harsh reality that they were facing.

Everyone who had gathered for the battle was chosen from the major Sects of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. Prior to the fight, every single one of them was well respected and therefore proud and arrogant. But now, after facing Austin, all they could express was their frustration.

"Finish him!"

After a moment's hesitation, the people surrounding Austin finally jumped into action and launched a concerted attack. They rushed towards Austin from all directions, their shouts and screams were so horrendous normal beings would have been paralyzed just by the sound.

They used every weapon they could wield. Vital energy, blade-light, sword-light and all kinds of magic treasures were impressively used as they flew over the sky and shattered with their sheer might. All the weapons were brandished in one direction as they bombarded Austin.

The whole Ghost Puppet City was pin-drop silent, except for the battle arena. Everyone in the city was aware of the fierce fight and they quietly paid attention to what was happening as they noticed an insurgence in spiritual sense that covered the whole place.

Austin suddenly started moving around using his lightning bodily movement skill. Because he was moving at such a high speed, all people could see were his flying sleeves, as his midnight black hair flapped through the wind, emphasizing his furious, murderous will, which made him look like a killing ghost in the moonlight.

Enveloped in the blood aura that looked like a bloody fog, Austin waved his Slaughtering Sword and produced continuous giant blood sword auras that scattered out towards their target like arrows.

Using the Slaughtering Sword would enormously drain his vital energy.

However, Austin had been continuously refilling the vital energy stone in his elixir field with vital energy in the past days to prepare for such an attack.

So he was not worried; it was sufficient for Austin to use.

Austin's bodily movement skill which was as fast as a lightning and his instantaneous moving came in handy because they helped him to dodge many forceful attacks which would have been fatal. His combination of skill sets ensured that he was capable of fighting with over one hundred masters without getting overwhelmed.

Pop, pop, pop…

He cut the heads of more than

was injured, everyone became crazy and swarmed towards him. They wanted to kill him and seize the treasures he possessed.

Austin moved rapidly and kept backing up. But the attackers kept coming from all directions covering him and therefore leaving no space for him to dodge their attack.


A purple gold spear soundlessly approached from behind him. It stabbed him hard and precisely. It was so relentless and accurate, that it followed the path that Austin would pass, and hit him almost splitting his back and waist in two.

Austin had been lucky, thanks to his extremely powerful spiritual sense force and his lightning bodily movement skill; he could avoid most of the attacks that were meted on him. However, despite his special skills, he was still severely hit, causing blood to flow from his gashing wound and from his mouth.

Directed and thrown by a Heaven Realm elder, the long spear was so accurate and potent that it could break through any virtual space. This was the second time it had stabbed Austin.

Austin knew that even though he owned the Slaughtering Sword and his cultivation base was at the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm, it was extremely difficult to defeat so many masters, especially the Heaven Realm elders.

"Ha, ha! Well, in that case, I won't play with you anymore.

It's better for me to catch all of you as soon as possible and leave this place."

Laughing lightly, Austin rose to the sky holding the Slaughtering Sword in his hand. The strong sword auras from the Sword filled the area covering tens of meters away.

"What? You are going to catch us? Now?"

"Hmm, what a daydreamer! You have become overconfident."

"Stop arguing with him. I think his vital energy force is about to dry up. Catch him and finish him now!"

Most of the people who had been surrounding him became impatient and restless.

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