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   Chapter 1173 A Fierce War

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The weapons and books about martial arts were attractive for warriors.

Therefore, every warrior in the palace could not wait to move their bodies and attack Austin at once. They were all afraid of missing the chance to get the treasures that Austin possessed. If they were too slow, then other warriors would get to the treasures.

Boom! Boom!

All of a sudden, all warriors activated their vital energy force to attack Austin at the same time, making the whole palace shake so violently as if a severe earthquake was taking place.

"Ha-ha. You are all so hypocritical and shameless. You say you want to kill me for justice, but all you really want is my treasures. You people are so disgusting!"

Austin laughed loudly. Then, he raised his Slaughtering Sword as he filled it up with his vital energy.


At once, the Slaughtering Sword released intense killing intent that immediately filled up the entirety of the palace. Afterwards, not a single spot in the palace was free of a blood-red mist.

Even Austin himself was engulfed in the blood-red mist. Then, he released the strong energy that he had been building up. In that moment, it seemed as if he was going to kill everyone in the palace in just a few seconds.

Boom! Boom!

Austin wielded two or three strong blood-red sword auras at the same time.

Austin's sword auras were able to resist all the attacks from the other warriors' vital energy force.

"Oh, no! Apparently, Austin's cultivation base is actually in the Tribulation Realm. That means that he could use the archaic weapons."

"What? I thought Austin's cultivation base was only in the Master Realm? Now you're telling me that his cultivation base has actually reached the Tribulation Realm? How could that be?"

As soon as Austin activated the Slaughtering Sword, all people in the palace were stunned. They had severely underestimated Austin's abilities.

"Be careful! It won't be easy to kill him now that he has activated the archaic weapon!"

the warriors warned each other.

"He might have been able to activate the archaic weapon, but the archaic weapon consumes a lot of vital energy.

Trust me, he isn't able to use it for a long time,"

someone muttered coldly.

"Ha-ha, you think you can exhaust my vital energy? I'd like to see you try!"

Austin laughed more loudly after he heard what they had said. Without wasting a moment, he moved his body and waved his Slaughtering Sword to give off even more powerful red sword auras.

The power of the archaic weap


Suddenly, ten looming figures appeared. Being warriors at the Heaven Realm, they looked absolutely mighty as they united to defeat Austin. Their plan was to attack Austin from ten different directions.


Austin immediately used the Demonic Teleportation Skill. Suddenly, there were many apparitions of Austin in the palace, and no one could determine which one was the real Austin.

Boom! Boom!

Ten warriors at the Heaven Realm lost their best chance to attack Austin. Instead, the only thing their attacks were able to hit was the wall behind the spot where Austin was standing just now.

Their united attack was so powerful that it immediately created terrible repercussions.

A deafening sound suddenly echoed in the palace as everything around them started to shake violently.

"Oh, no. The palace is about to fall down,"

someone shouted in surprise amidst all the chaos.

As they expected, the bricks and stones that made up the palace started dropping in that moment as countless cracks started to appear on the walls.

Afterwards, the warriors all heard an even more deafening sound.

And just like that, the palace was destroyed and turned into dust.

In that moment, more than one hundred figures jumped up into the air and floated in the sky.

Meanwhile, Austin held the Slaughtering Sword in his hand as his clothes fluttered in the wind and the dense blood-red sword aura swirling around him. He truly looked like the manifestation of death as his black hair flowed in the air like a waterfall.

Countless warriors from the various sects of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom surrounded Austin.

But none of them dared to approach him.

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