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   Chapter 1172 Defeat Jeffrey

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8180

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"If you can't wait to get yourself killed, then I'll fulfill your wish,"

Austin said while staring at Jeffrey.

"Pull out your weapon!" Jeffrey said as he took out his own sword and pointed it at Austin.

At once, aggressive sword aura emerged from the sword, ready to attack Austin at any time.

"You're just a piece of trash. I don't see the need to use a weapon to take you down," Austin responded flatly.

Jeffrey's sword potential had just reached the fourth level. Meanwhile, Austin's sword potential was already at the fifth level. Thus, Austin was naturally far superior to Jeffrey in terms of swordsmanship.

Given that, Austin did not fear his opponent at all.

"You really are an arrogant guy. But you know what? Arrogant people tend to die earlier than others.

Go to hell!" Jeffrey huffed, his face twisting in anger.

Even though he was still young, he had already entered the Tribulation Realm, and was considered to be the most promising cultivator among the young generation of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. Thus, he was used to being idolized by people, and Austin insulting him like that made it hard for him to control his fury.

With a shout of fury, he swung his sword and countless sword shadows and sword aura immediately enveloped him and his opponent.

As the violent sword aura spread, those who were close to the two of them were also hit by the sword radiance. They felt a little pain while marveling at Jeffrey's strength.

With every passing second, streaks of sword aura moved closer and closer to one another. They looked like countless stars shining in the sky.

The sword skill Jeffrey had displayed, which created a starry pattern with his sword aura, was quite mysterious and powerful.

"You're as good as dead now," Jeffrey bellowed.

Suddenly, just like shooting stars, beams of sword aura carrying level four sword potential fell upon Austin at an alarming speed.

Austin abruptly released his level five sword potential in retaliation and easily withstood the level four sword potential that Jeffrey had unleashed.

After that, Austin gathered four million pounds of physical force in his fist, and as he swung at the sword aura Jeffery released, the air around his fist trembled violently.


At once, the streaks of sword aura was shattered.

The rest of the cultivators who were watching were immensely stunned by the result. 'This young man must possess

t even reached the Tribulation Realm. Even though he has an archaic weapon, he wouldn't be able to utilize its full potential. If he forces himself to use it, he might even get injured. He just isn't strong enough to be the sword's master. What a waste,"

someone snorted coldly, encouraging the rest not to be afraid of Austin.

Austin had just entered the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm in the small alternate dimension, so only a few cultivators knew about his current cultivation base.

Besides, he had hidden his real vital energy. His purpose was to make the cultivators present let down their guard so that he would have the chance to take them prisoners.

It was widely known that only cultivators whose cultivation base had reached the Tribulation Realm or above could make full use of archaic weapons. Once the people of top sects knew what his real cultivation base level was, Austin was afraid that they would send more strong warriors. If that happened, things would be more difficult for Austin. So he decided to conceal his real strength until he didn't have to.

"Come on, guys, let's attack him together to bring him down."

"This little bastard has killed so many innocent people in our country. He should pay the price for the mistakes he has made. Don't show him any mercy. Let's take him first."

"Let's do this together and catch him."

Everyone fixed their eyes on Austin's Slaughtering Sword. 'It is said that Austin has four archaic weapons, swordsmanship skills left by the Sword Emperor and an unrivaled cultivation method hidden inside the Fire Stela. How amazing!' they thought.

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