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   Chapter 1171 Trap

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"Ha-ha! You don't deserve it, dude!"

A shadow flashed over the air all of a sudden, attracting all of the guests' attention––it was Austin.

Upon his arrival, he had heard the latter part of the young man's boastful words.

"Austin! It's Austin!"

"Austin's here finally!"

Everyone on the spot, including Keyon and Nora, was struck dumb with amazement when they saw Austin's presence.

Although they had summoned their spiritual sense to check around the palace, none of them had sensed Austin before he showed up.

That was because Austin and the queen were moving too quick for them to notice their trace. What was more, both of their spiritual sense was strong enough to distract the others.

Especially for those young cultivators in the palace, their spiritual sense was easily influenced by Austin and the queen.

However, Austin soon noticed something unusual about their attitude towards his presence. With his brows knitting together, he finally understood what was wrong.

They seemed to have been expecting his arrival as if they already knew he would definitely come to this banquet.

'It must be a trap!' he thought when suddenly...


The sky rumbled, and the earth shook. Numerous rays of spiritual power light flashed over the entire palace, intertwining with each other in the air.

In a matter of seconds, a vast array appeared, covering the area in a five-hundred-meter radius around the palace.

Obviously, that array was set to confine Austin. Whoever got into the area covered by the array would find it hard to get out.

Shoop! Shoop! Shoop!

As soon as the array was formed, hundreds of strong cultivators flocked around the palace and the Ghost Puppet City.

They were rushing towards the palace as fast as they could.

Although it was hard for those inside the array to get out, it was much easier to get into the array.

From their speed, Austin could tell that each of them was a formidable opponent with strong cultivation base.

"This is really a trap as I guessed," Austin murmured to himself.

While he was lurking outside just a while ago, his instinct had told him something was weird, but he couldn't figure out what it was then.

Now he finally understood it was the array that had been set before his arrival.

his young man, tall in stature, had reached the medium stage of Tribulation Realm, and his swordsmanship was at level four sword potential. He had already been a well-known figure among the young generation of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. After all, it was rare to see a cultivator at his age reaching such outstanding cultivation base.

The young man was sitting with Keyon and Nora during the banquet.

"Mr. Jeffrey, you don't have to bother yourself with this asshole. This damn Austin now has been completely under our control. He doesn't deserve your time and strength anymore,"

a Heaven Realm cultivator said to Jeffrey Kong.

Jeffrey Kong, the young man with a sword, was a scion of the Kong Clan––one of the four famous clans in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

"That's all right. My swordsmanship just reached level four sword potential a few days ago, and my Meteor Swordsmanship is also now at its fourth stage. This is a great opportunity to try it now,"

Jeffrey uttered, brutality sparkling in his eyes as he stared at Austin.

When the others heard Jeffrey, they finally understood what he was trying to do. He wanted to use this opportunity to earn himself a good reputation by defeating Austin.

Everyone in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom knew well how strong Austin was. If Jeffrey could win against Austin, he would become a prestigious figure and a celebrity overnight.

As Jeffrey said, this was really a great opportunity, not only to try his swordsmanship but also to be famous.

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