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   Chapter 1170 Do It Tonight

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At this time, Austin had already captured a lot of disciples from every prominent sect in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. It was not to vent his anger but to make a safeguard.

He thought that as long as he captured enough disciples from those sects, they would at least hesitate to hurt Evan and Herbert. They might even agree to exchange the disciples for his friends.

"When will Nora arrive at the Ghost Puppet City?"

Austin asked.


the Sect Supremo of the Heaven Pavilion Sect answered.

"Alright, let's do it tonight,"

Austin uttered in a low voice.

At night, the moon shone brightly, and few stars showed themselves.

The whole Ghost Puppet City was lit up and as bright as day.

As for big cities with a large population like the Ghost Puppet City, the atmosphere in the streets at night was even more lively than it was in the daytime.

In the west part of the city stood a massive mansion with a large garden. And because it was blossom season of the lotuses, the six-thousand-acre lotus lake was filled with beautiful lotuses.

A feast was held in a grand palace by the lotus lake.

And because it was pretty crowded with guests, it was very lively.

A handsome young man in white was sitting at the first table.

He was Keyon, the Holy Heritor of the Ghost Puppet Sect.

A lovely girl sat across from him. She possessed a beauty of pureness and peace like an elegant orchid deep in the valley.

Her long dress accentuated her prime and youthful age, and her fluttering eyelashes and bright eyes screamed how charming she was.

This girl was Nora, the first-born daughter of the leader of the Song Clan.

Keyon and Nora had been engaged for a long time.

There were other young boys and girls in the feast, but Keyon and Nora were the important people tonight. Other famous talents or those wealthy in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom were invited here to be Keyon and Nora's foil.

Meanwhile, outside the Ghost Puppet City as the people celebrated in the palace...

A black and gray light flashed through the sky, closely approaching the city.


"I will go inside the palace and capture them. You stay here and cover for me.

I don't know why, but I have a strange feeling. It seems like something is wrong,"

Austin said to the queen telepathically.

The queen hid behind a willow tree, with her body still transparent. No one could see or sense her.

Then Austin turned himself into a flash of light and rushed into the palace.

Back in the palace, Keyon and Nora were drinking and still talking with their young guests.

"Whether will Austin come or not? What do you think?"

asked a tall young man with a sword hanging on his girdle in a low voice.

"Don't talk about it. Once Austin hears this, he would find out this is a trap. It will ruin our plan,"

Keyon instantly warned him in a low voice.

"Ha-ha, Keyon, you are too cautious.

All of us can sense the area of about one thousand meters around the palace. Do you think Austin can appear here without being noticed?

In my opinion, Austin's power is overrated. He is our age, and even if he is powerful, he won't be stronger than us.

Humph, I haven't had the chance to fight with him so far. I'd like to see how powerful he really is."

This tall young man was a famous swordsman in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. He was a bit over himself and often looked down upon others. Perhaps, it was only a matter of time until he got a taste of his own medicine.

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