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   Chapter 1169 A Holy Heritor.

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The eastern part of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

The Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom boasted its abundance of spiritual energy, especially in the eastern parts. More than a dozen rolling and towering mountains similar to dragons, stretched from east to west in the kingdom.

Moreover, this geography allowed many sects to establish their headquarters in the eastern part of the said region.

Some of the sects that safely established their headquarters in that area were three of the five major sects—the Sky Sect, the Ghost Puppet Sect and the New Moon Sect.

The Ghost Puppet City was situated near its own sect's headquarters. Its location was of great importance since most of the city's industries belonged to the Ghost Puppet Sect.

Stretching about a hundred miles away from the Ghost Puppet City were the high rolling mountains.

Meanwhile, Austin found himself in a thick and luscious forest, halfway up the mountain.

'Evan...Herbert...where are you?'

Austin thought to himself as his brows locked in a frown while his hands rested behind his back.

Alongside Austin in the thick forest were the queen of the evil shadow race, the leader of the Fire Worshiping Sect, the Sect Supremo, and a number of Astral Realm masters, and master-hands of the evil shadow race.

Over the course of four to five days, Austin had been keeping track of any clues regarding Evan and Herbert's whereabouts. He kept a close eye on any news regarding his friends' location starting from the northern parts up to the eastern parts of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

Clues started to reveal that Evan and Herbert might have been brought back to the eastern parts of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom by masters of major sects. Austin and his team only had little information about the two lads, but their certain location were still unknown.

For days, Austin went through almost a dozen cities, jumping from one location to another in the northern part of the kingdom.

Every time Austin passed by a city, he would automatically launch a commando raid with the help of his allies to apprehend all those who had been involved in the arrest of Evan and Herbert.

There was even a time where at he was against several Heaven Realm masters in one of the sect strongholds in the region.

Little did he know that each sect had already sent out Heaven Realm masters to every city's stronghold to unite against Austin's raids.

Powerful as they seemed, the Heaven Realm masters were still unable to block him off their respective strongholds.

The queen of the evil shadow race was at the level of Primal Holy Realm, which was several levels higher than the Heaven Realm masters. This only meant that The Heaven Realm masters were no match for such a powerful queen. If ever one of them dared try to attack the queen, they would surely be diggin

in the South Continent had one enemy in common —the demon race from the Demon Abyss World.

However, those major sects had already captured Evan and Herbert. They even had a plan to use them as a bait to lure Austin into their hands.

On top of that, Austin's two fiancees, along with Mike, had a very close call as to being captured by the Ghost Puppet Sect.

Their large actions went too far and completely broke the bottom line.

'We will not attack unless we are attacked, but we must counterattack if attacked, ' Austin said inwardly.

"Are you sure about the location of the Holy Heritor of the Ghost Puppet Sect's hideout? Moreover, is he really in the Ghost Puppet City?

Austin asked the Sect Supremo of the Heaven Pavilion Sect.

"I'm quite sure about it. I have already made my research.

Keyon, the Holy Heritor of the Ghost Puppet Sect, is in the Ghost Puppet City as we speak and has already prepared to set up a banquet to welcome Nora.

Nora is the eldest daughter of the head of the Song Clan. It is said she was engaged to Keyon very early,"

the Sect Supremo replied.

Only a day ago, the Sect Supremo infiltrated the Ghost Puppet City along with the other warriors to scoop the news out.

"Oh... So she's the eldest daughter of the head of the Song Clan, huh?

Very well! That's just perfect! I'll catch her along with the others.

Capturing the Holy Heritor and that woman would say a lot for our power.

When I catch a few more warriors who are on the same level as Holy Heritor, they'll surely even trade them for Evan and Herbert,"

Austin said as he laughed coldly at his bright idea.

In a sect, it was common for several disciples to be on the same level as the Holy Son and Holy Daughter at the same time.

However, only one or two Holy Heritors existed.

This was mainly because the Holy Heritor was slated to become the next sect leader!

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