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   Chapter 1168 Take Their Men

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"They've planned to set up a trap to capture me? They've got the nerve!" Austin said in a low voice as his eyes flashed a ferocious look.

From what he had heard, he could sense that Elder Ken was really telling him the truth.

"All right. I'll see what game they're trying to play," Austin said in a determined tone.

Since those sects had Evan and Herbert in their hands, he knew that he had no other choice but to save his best friends from those who kidnapped them.

If it weren't for Evan and Herbert taken hostage, then he might have already flown away and left the country. But luck was not in his favor that day. He had to stay to save his best friends no matter what.

Meanwhile, Elder Ken was running out of breath and time for his body could not take the injuries that he had sustained.

Looking at how bad the situation was, he transported Elder Ken into the City model directly.

Soon after, he stayed with his fiancees and Mike and had a little chat with them.

Ivy and Sue felt such joy in their hearts for they had not seen Austin for almost two years. While excitement ran through their veins, they also had a lot of questions for Austin. Both Ivy and Sue took turns interrogating Austin about what happened to him during the time that he was gone. One after the other, the two women fired questions towards Austin before he could utter a single word.

And besides, the ladies felt proud of Austin after witnessing how he took care of the wretched disciples of the Ghost Puppet Sect.

Mike clearly understood that Austin had reached a level that he would never ever be able to surpass after watching how he took care of the matter with the disciples from the Ghost Puppet Sect.

'I could feel Elder Ken's strength. He is extremely powerful, and dangerous. He can take my life in a heartbeat.

But Austin defeated him and almost killed him without lifting his finger!

That only means Austin is far stronger than Elder Ken, ' Mike thought to himself.

Suddenly, his best decision in his life came flashing through his mind—the decision to marry both Ivy and Sue off to Austin.

Moments later, Austin sent Ivy, Sue, and Mike into the City model.

But before he could send anyone off to the City model, he first had to make sure how it worked. Austin then explained to them, in simplest terms so that they could understand the mechanics perfectly.

After explaining, he then transported all his subordinates with a cultivation base higher than the Astral Realm out of the City model.

After that, he got some excellent members of the evil

ays, the Illusory Palace was a perfect place to trap people.

After that day, news spread like wildfire and everyone across the Heavy Earth City knew what Austin had done.

This made the entire Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom in full chaos.

And once again, Austin had caused a stir in this country.

"Oh my god! Can you believe what he just did? Austin is fearless and amazing!"

"After what he did, all the top sects and clans are now his enemies! I wonder what it would be like for him after this!"

"He is fighting against all the prominent sects and clans. Nothing comes good after that. Obnoxious! He is way too cocky."

"Will he be able to bear the consequences of messing with all the big sects and clans? He surely did cause a big problem for himself!"

Several opinions about what Austin had done suddenly came out. He was now the talk of the town.

A day later, a more shocking news got around the whole country.

Daylight City, Fallen City, Flame City, Grand City and Cloud City were five big cities in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. And within a single day, Austin had caught all the people who were in the five top sects' and four clans' strongholds in these five cities.

"Oh, jeez, look at that! Looks like Austin resolved to fight against these big sects and clans."

"Austin has tens of thousands of captives from these sects and clans. Don't you think that's too much?"

"How did he manage to take so many people with him in one day? How was that even possible?

That's just so weird."

Austin had become a hot topic in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. People were as interested in the news about Austin as they were in the demon race's invasion of the Prime Martial World.

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