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   Chapter 1167 I Finally Found You

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7568

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Ivy and Sue felt so happy lying in Austin's arms.

During the years after Austin left the Violet Orchid Empire, they both had been missing him so much, especially when after they decided to come to the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom to look for him.

Now, after so long, they met again unexpectedly. Although they had so many things they wanted to tell him, they did not know how to start.

"Little beggar, I finally found you."

Sue muttered as she hugged Austin.

Ivy remained silent and also embraced Austin tightly.

The three of them leaned close to one another and indulged in happiness.

Austin had never cared about affections or intimate relationships. He only ever focused on harnessing and improving his martial arts skills.

However, right now, he was moved by the endless care and love that Ivy and Sue gave him. All of a sudden, he felt that he owed his two beautiful wives so much.

After a while, the queen arrived with several cultivators at the Astral Realm from the Heaven Pavilion Sect. They stood aside and did not disturb their reunion.

Even Mike stood quietly aside with a gratified look on his face.

"Austin! You are that Austin!"

After everyone there was dumbfounded for a while, Elder Ken exclaimed in surprise as he stared at Austin.

"You are right! He is Austin. I have seen a portrait of him, and he looks exactly the same."

"He is Austin!"

the disciples of the Ghost Puppet Sect shouted excitedly at once.

Some of them even took out his portrait and identified Austin's face.

Many disciples of various big sects in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom had taken the portrait with them, and they all knew what Austin looked like. Because of that, these disciples of the Ghost Puppet Sect recognized Austin one by one.

"Yes, I am Austin. You guys are looking for me, aren't you?"

Austin glared coldly at them, feeling angry that they wanted to hurt both his fiancees.

"Ha-ha, well, well. Austin, you dare to show up after knowing we've been trying to find you. You are really arrogant, huh.

You are looking for trouble!

Since you are here now, we won't let you leave that easy!"

Ken had planned to force Austin to show up by capturing people who were close to him. He did not expect he wo

se let me go."

Elder Ken's voice had become so weak. The white fire was still burning in his Soul Sea, and his spiritual senses were decreasing continuously.

"Hmm, if I did not arrive here just in time, would you let my fiancees go? Would you let Evan and Herbert go?

Tell me, where are Evan and Herbert?"

Austin snorted as he abruptly plodded on Elder Ken's left arm with his right foot.

A cracking sound was heard, and Elder Ken's left arm was smashed into pieces, turning into a mass of bloody mist.

"I really don't know."

Elder Ken's face was contorted in grave ail and pain.

"Tell me!"

Austin stepped heavily again. This time, Elder Ken's right arm turned into another mass of bloody mist.

"If you don't want to suffer more, answer me this instance!"

As he saw Elder Ken hesitating for a moment, Austin stepped on his left leg––also turning it into a mass of the bloody mist.

"Ahhh!!!! Stop! Stop! Stop! I will tell you.

Every sect had sent their masters to take your friends out of the Heavy Earth City.

They planned to make a trap and wait for you to show up and save them. That's when they plan to capture you.

I only know that your friends were taken to the eastern area. As for their exact location, I really don't know.

It's true! Please don't kill me!"

Elder Ken only had one leg left now, and his spiritual senses in his Soul Sea were almost entirely burned up. He was terrified of Austin, even thinking that the man was a devil in reincarnation.

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