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   Chapter 1166 Everything Is Fine

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"Evan and Herbert were caught? What are you talking about?!

What the hell happened?"

Austin felt surprised and curious at the same time.

They had just arrived at the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom where they had no enemies. If they had stayed low, there was no way they would've gotten caught.

After listening to the report of the Astral Realm warriors from the Heaven Pavilion Sect, Austin finally understood.

Evan and Herbert must have accidentally disclosed their connection to Austin. So they were captured by all the sects in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

Austin understood immediately the folly that must've led them into the situation.

Those sects had held them hostage in order to flush him out!

"What about my fiancees and Mike?"

Austin enquired.

"They are in a hotel now,"

replied the warrior.

"Take me there right now!"

Austin gave the order determinedly.

A couple of warriors of the Astral Realm from the Heaven Pavilion Sect led the way towards the destination.

The said hotel was located on the western side of the Heavy Earth City.

At that moment, there was a large group of people gathered in front of the hotel.

The crowd was blocking the entrance into the building.

"I have already had evidence that suggests that those two people have been hiding in this hotel.

Apart from those two who claim to be dear friends of Austin, there are also two women and a man living with them."

The men blocking the entrance were from the Ghost Puppet Sect, and the one who led them was Elder Ken.

"Ha-ha, so it appears that these two women and that man also have some connection with Austin.

Just take them hostage and spread the news. Austin will show up!"

Elder Ken laughed.

"Search every inch of this place if needed. But make sure you don't let them escape!"

Elder Ken waved his hands motioning his men to move inside. All the men from the Ghost Puppet Sect all barged i

him and avenge our brother!"

After a couple of seconds, the remaining members of the Ghost Puppet Sect came out of their trance. They began to shout and surround that young man.

"I thought you guys have been looking for me.

Now that I am here, do you not recognize me?"

This young man was Austin!

Austin had detected the situation at the hotel with his spiritual sense while he was still far away.

He had heard the words of the disciple of Ghost Puppet Sect's and noted that he had been staring at Sue with ill intent. Austin couldn't hold it back anymore.

He used the Demonic Teleportation Skill and he reached in front of the hotel in a flash. He then kicked the crotch of that disciple into a bloody puree.

Austin stopped hiding and showed his true face.

He was completely infuriated by the actions of these sects in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

So he decided to fight against these sects head on with no disguise.

Austin wanted the world to know that he was not someone that people could just bully anymore!

"Little beggar!"



Mike, Ivy and Sue all shouted in unison. They let out a sigh of relief.

"Everything is fine now!"

After he was done with that disciple, Austin came to his two fiancees and embraced them gently.

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