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   Chapter 1165 Wanted Hostage

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"What do you think you're doing? Our disciples just finished their jobs for the Ghost Puppet Sect. Why did you attack them? It's none of your business!"

The unexpected change enraged Elder Ken from the Ghost Puppet Sect. He furiously scolded the person who had launched the surprise attack against his disciples.

Everyone turned to look at the old man, wearing a cyan robe, who appeared in the spot all of a sudden out of nowhere. It was he who had attacked the Ghost Puppet Sect disciples and stopped them from taking any action against Evan and Herbert.

Someone in the crowd recognized him. He was an ordinary elder of the Sky Sect.

Footsteps were heard when the elder from the Sky Sect appeared in front of everybody. The very next moment a group of Sky Sect disciples appeared. They ran towards Evan and Herbert and encircled them.

"Relax, Elder Ken.

I have no intention of meddling with the internal matters of the Ghost Puppet Sect. But the two lads in front of you are very dear to Austin. We must take them with us.

You know Austin has killed many of our disciples. The hatred between him and the Sky Sect can never be obliterated unless one side gives up. Do us a favor, Elder Ken! Just hand them over to us!"

the elder said to Elder Ken with a smiling face. He cupped his hands together in front of his chest as a show of respect.

"Nonsense! Austin killed many Ghost Puppet Sect disciples as well! We're trying to find that bastard with every ounce of our breath. We're willing to use every tool within our power to do so. Hand over that bastard's friends to you? Impossible! They'll go with us!"

Elder Ken argued angrily, unwilling to yield.

"Am I too late? Did I miss something interesting? You two elders are indeed wise and agile." A woman's voice giggled at this moment.

She immediately continued and did not give a chance to anybody to interrupt her. "Although you came here before me, you'll return disappointed, as no one can take the New Moon Sect's quarry away!"

A middle-aged woman followed by a group of beautiful female warriors came to everyone's view. Compared to her female young disciples behind her, she still looked full and sexy. She had an air of mystery around her that only a mature woman would possess.

"They must go with us. We'll take them back to the Magic Hand Sect!"

"That is the funniest joke I've heard under the sky. Ask the Veritable Demon Sect before you make that decision!"

"Stop talking bullshit! No one can take the two guys without the permission of the Jiang Family. We're interested in them!"

"The two men have everything to do with the Kong Family. They'll go with us!"

"The Song Family is interested in them..."

"What about us? Do you think the Chen Family can be simply ignored when you want to take away someone we're eager to capture?"

The street where Evan and Herbert were kept surged with a crowd of people in just a blink of an eye. The five renowned sects, four honorable families and other major sects in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom had all rushed there for a single purpose.

The Heavy Earth City was one of the most im

light in the sky. It came from afar and suspended itself somewhere in the sky above the city.

That tiny spot of light belonged to the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot.

Austin stepped out of the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot with the queen and placed it back to his Space Ring.

They directly headed in the direction of the Heavy Earth City.

Austin had sent his men to search for his friends, and he was informed that Evan and the others might be in the Heavy Earth City.

It was risky for Austin to visit the Heavy Earth City without drastically changing his appearance. So he changed himself with the aid of the Appearance-transforming Clothes.

The Heavy Earth City was part of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom after all. If he came here as who he was, he would be easily recognized by his enemies in just a matter of few hours.

So he disguised himself as soon as he entered the territory of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

In addition to appearance transformation, he even asked Violet to change the aura of his spiritual sense temporarily.

With these measures, it would be hard to identify who he was in the domain of his enemies.

After entering the Heavy Earth City, Austin and the queen had tried to get in touch with some Astral Realm warriors from the Heaven Pavilion Sect in secret.

These Astral Realm warriors were the same ones sent by Austin in search of Evan and others. They were the ones who had found the whereabouts of Evan and Herbert in the Heavy Earth City and informed Austin of the news.

These warriors didn't leave and had been staying in the Heavy Earth City for all the while that the news was being delivered to Austin. They had stayed there and waited for him.

"Bad news, Master! Evan and Herbert have been captured!"

One of the Heaven Pavilion Sect warrior reported to Austin as soon as he came into sight.

Even the little children in the Heavy Earth City knew well that Evan and Herbert were wanted by each and every sect in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. This news had become common knowledge in the Heavy Earth City these days.

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