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   Chapter 1164 Capture Evan And Herbert

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"Before Austin left the imperial capital city, I overheard that he was about to help others to find a person in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

That's why I believe that he will come to the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom,"

Mike said with certainty.

"Hey, Sue, don't be sad. Don't worry. I'm sure that we will find him sooner or later,"

Ivy said in a soft voice as she wiped the tears off from Sue's eyes.

However, Ivy was also worried about Austin. She didn't know when they would eventually find him.

It would surely take them some time to find Austin since the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom was a very large country. Their chances of finding him would be the same as trying to find a needle in a haystack.

"It's a good thing that I have drawn many pictures of Austin. Let Evan and Herbert go out to look for him. These pictures might help them,"

Mike added as he saw their gloomy eyes.

As soon as they had arrived in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, Mike drew a lot of pictures of Austin. Anxious to find Austin, he asked Even and Herbert to go out and look for Austin with the pictures during their spare time.

However, at the back of his mind, he knew that this was a stupid idea as it was nearly impossible to find Austin in such an enormous place.

But he thought that this was the only way that they could find Austin since they were weak and they were not familiar with this country.

It was not the smartest decision, but they tried their luck in the hopes of locating Austin. It was the only way they knew how.

The Heavy Earth City was one of the biggest cities in the north of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, and each and every sect of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom had their own stronghold in the Heavy Earth City.

Meanwhile, a secret meeting in the Ghost Puppet Sect in the Heavy Earth City was held that day.

"I overheard that over the past couple of days, someone was asking about any news regarding Austin in the Heavy Earth City."

In the small hall, an old man about fifty years old, became enthusiastic upon hearing what the disciples of the Ghost Puppet Sect had said during the meeting.

This old man was an ordinary elder, and he was also the leader in the stronghold of the Ghost Puppet Sect of the Heavy Earth City.

"It's true, Elder Ken! There are indeed two young people who are looking for Austin. They had a picture with them and they asked all the people around the Heavy Earth City if they have seen the one in the drawing.

I took a glance at the picture that they were holding and I found that the man that they were looking for was Austin who we

about fifty years old walked in the front of a team of warriors.

He was no other than Elder Ken of the Ghost Puppet Sect. He led a team of disciples to help him catch Evan and Herbert as soon as they heard the news about them.

Catching Austin's best friends was of dire importance to him.

That was because of Austin's four archaic weapons, the unmatched formulation of the Fire Stela and the treasures of Sword Emperor in the Sunset Mountain. They all wanted to get his treasures.

And in particular, the four archaic weapons were considered to be very rare in the world.

All warriors in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom considered Austin as a precious treasure for every single one of them wanted what he had. Everyone was envious of him and his priceless archaic weapons!

"Very good! Ha-ha, get them!"

Elder Ken commanded as his lips curled upward out of pure joy. He would be able to catch these two people and keep them as a bait to hunt Austin.

About five disciples hurriedly ran towards Evan and Herbert and were ready to grab them.

Evan and Herbert were so shocked. Both of them were confused as to why they were being hunted and caught by a group of people that they did not recognize at all.

"Sir, what's going on?

This is a mistake! Let us go! We are good guys, and we never hurt anyone,"

Herbert exclaimed with a shocked expression on his face.


While both lads were struggling to break free from the hands of the disciples, a figure suddenly appeared in front of them. As the figure waved his hands, a strong vital energy force was released.

The disciples of the Ghost Puppet Sect were thrown off a few hundred meters back from where they stood as the strong vital energy force landed on them.

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