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   Chapter 1163 The Heavy Earth City

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''We should get going, ''

Austin anxiously said to the queen.

Austin finally found a clue on the whereabouts of his two sweethearts and his friends, and he was desperate to leave this place to look for them. Inside, he felt as if every minute that he stayed there, not looking for them, was torture.

"Damn it! How dare you kill Mr. Faron? Don't you even try to get away!"

Upon noticing that Austin was trying to escape, Elder Bardolf hurriedly condensed his vital energy into a giant palm in an attempt to catch him.

Elder Bardolf was well aware that he was no match for the queen. Austin, however, was a different story. He was sneeringly dismissive of Austin since he was just at the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm.

So he confidently decided to take the initiative to catch Austin.

''Humph! Nice try, you old man!''

With just a slight gesture of her hand, the queen released her destructive energy and effortlessly crushed Elder Bardolf's attack.

At once, Elder Bardolf was thrown a thousand meters back by the queen's great power and a few drops of blood drizzled from the corner of his mouth.

After being badly injured by the queen's attack, Elder Bardolf was in a state of immense shock and fear.

Elder Bardolf was not a fool. He immediately realized how big the disparity of power was between him and the queen.

''This is your last warning. Do not make me have to kill all of you."

Deterred and put in their place by the queen's power, all the members of the Sky did not dare to stand in their way anymore. With that, Austin and the queen jumped up into the sky in a lightning-fast speed.

''Elder Bardolf, are you okay? It looks like you were injured pretty badly, ''

Elder Dane of the Ghost Puppet Sect said after noticing that Elder Bardolf was injured by the queen in their previous fight.

''Alas! I think her cultivation might be in the Primal Holy Realm, so I am completely no match for her."

Elder Bardolf sighed deeply as he gazed at the direction Austin and the queen went.

''However, this fight is not over yet. That bitch might have a cultivation base in the Primal Holy Realm, but our Sky Sect still has many warriors who are more powerful than she is.

I will make those two bastards pay for their arrogant behavior."

Elder Bardolf was still burning with anger when he recalled h

lation. Compared with other areas of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, this place was relatively poor and barren.

It had become the shelter for the refugees from other countries who tried to escape from the demon race by coming to the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

The Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom was said to have enacted a law for the refugees to stay in that area because their number was too large. If all the refugees crowded into the central areas, which already had a dense population as it was, there would be inevitable congestion, chaos and struggles.

By arranging the refugees to live in the northern areas, this problem could be avoided.

The Heavy Earth City was in the northern areas of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

It was comparatively a large city.

With warriors from other countries swarming into it, the Heavy Earth City had now become very noisy. Now, people could be seen in every crevice of the city.

In a small hostel in the Heavy Earth City were two young girls and a middle aged man.

If Austin was there, he would have immediately recognized them. After all, they were Ivy, Sue, and Mike -- the people he had been looking for so long.

''Is Little Beggar truly in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, Mike?

I miss him so much.''

Sue lamented as her eyes turned red.

The first time she saw Austin, she actually mistook him for a beggar. Ever since then, she had become so accustomed to calling Austin by this nickname that even after she became Austin's betrothed, she still refused to call him by any other name.

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