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   Chapter 1162 You Are Going To Die Anyway

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When the elder in grey sneered at Austin, he activated his spiritual sense, aiming a forceful attack at Austin's Soul Sea.

'He is a Heaven Realm cultivator!' Austin marveled in his mind.

As soon as the elder in grey arrived, Austin could instantly tell that his cultivation base was at the Heaven Realm.

Although this discovery made the elder a formidable opponent, Austin was still confident that he could keep up. After all, his spiritual sense was almost strong enough to be compared to a Heaven Realm cultivator.

After his spiritual soul fused with the spiritual tree, Austin could now withstand a spiritual sense attack that was even ten times stronger than his spiritual sense.

Austin was therefore not worried by the spiritual sense attack thrown by the elder in grey. Dealing with it was a walk in the park. As soon as the attack got into Austin's Soul Sea, the elder's spiritual sense dissipated it within a split second.

"What just happened?!"

The elder in grey was shocked when he realized that his spiritual sense attack just vanished into thin air upon its invasion into Austin's Soul Sea.

The moment he arrived, he assessed his opponent and noted that Austin's cultivation base was at the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm. He was therefore dumbstruck when a mere cultivator at the Tribulation Realm like Austin could breezily take his spiritual sense attack with no effort.

The elder in grey was at the medium stage of Heaven Realm. However he was much superior than cultivators who were at the same cultivation base as he was because of his years of cultivation experience. Even a cultivator at the medium stage of Heaven Realm could hardly withstand his spiritual sense attack, while it was almost impossible for a Tribulation Realm cultivator like Austin.

"I hadn't expected you to be this strong. No wonder you had the nerve to stir up trouble in this city. I will not let you do as you wish.

Do you have any idea what you have done and whom you have offended?

You'd better let Mr. Faron go and in the process apologize to him for treating him so badly. You better be quick! The price for offending a noble man like Mr. Faron is far beyond your reach and league. You are too poor to pay whatever would be required!"

the elder in grey sneered in disgust.

"You really think highly of yourself, little boy! I don't care who you think you are. But since you've offended Mr. Faron in the Yellowstone City, that means by extension you have offended the whole Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom as well. It's time for you to face the consequences of your arrogance,"

a short and thin elder in a purple robe chimed in. He had accompanied the elder in grey and he had been shooting Austin a menacing glare every time he looked his way.

"Elder Bardolf! Elder Dane! Please help me!

This young man has killed many disciples of the Sky Sect. We cannot let him go! We must kill him to avenge our brothers!"

Faron Chang yelled excitedly when he saw the two elders' arriving. It was as if he had seen his saviors.

The two elders had a

his waist, and in a flash a yellow silk belt flew out from his waist. As it flew up in the air, the silk belt turned into a yellow dragon, emitting a forceful breath. Then the dragon targeted Austin non-stop.

The yellow silk belt was a high-grade holy weapon, a powerful weapon used to capture people.

"Hmm! Big deal! That's nothing but a useless belt!"

The queen rushed and stood in front of Austin to protect him. When she noticed that Elder Bardolf was at the medium stage of Heaven Realm, she was worried that Austin would get hurt in the fight.

She channeled her evil energy to her palm, and aimed an overwhelming attack at the yellow dragon.

The yellow dragon froze as soon as it got hit by the attack from her palm. The queen reached out and when she touched the dragon, it turned back into the yellow silk belt. Then the queen threw the belt to Austin.

"A Primal Holy Realm cultivator!"

Elder Bardolf was so shock that he involuntarily retreated more than ten meters away from her.

Elder Dane was also enamored in astonishment. His wide eyes were filled with awe when he stared at the queen in front of him.

He could not believe that the beautiful lady, who had been quite the whole time, was a Primal Holy Realm cultivator.

"Please pardon my ignorance, madam! But, could you please tell me your name?"

Elder Dane of the Ghost Puppet Sect asked, bowing to the queen reverently. His attitude changed completely when he realized that the queen was definitely a cultivator at the Primal Holy Realm.

The Primal Holy Realm cultivators were few and far between in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, or even in the whole South Continent.

As long as a cultivator reached the Primal Holy Realm, his or her name would soon be well-known to everyone in the South Continent of the Prime Martial World.

Elder Bardolf and Elder Dane were racking their brains trying to recall every Primal Holy Realm cultivator's name that they knew. They could not remember which Primal Holy Realm cultivator was as beautiful as the queen.

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