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   Chapter 1161 Mr. Faron

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"What? They were killed? All of them?

Where are their bodies?"

the young man in yellow mumbled. The shock he felt was evident from the tone of his voice. The people standing behind him were also horror-struck.

"There were no bodies laid on the ground because they were all smashed into mist of blood,"

the other guard replied in a low voice. He shook his head in an attempt to erase the awful memory from his mind.

"What? Mist of blood?"

Upon hearing this, the young man in yellow trembled in shock and anger. He stared maliciously at Austin and the queen.

"You are so arrogant! How dare you kill our men? I won't let you get away with this!"

"The Sky Sect is one of the most powerful sects on the South Continent. How dare you provoke us?!"

The people from the Sky Sect were riled up. They began to raise their voices at Austin and the queen.

"Guys, take them down!"

With a wave of his hand, the young man in yellow motioned his people to attack the outsiders.

"Mr. Faron, let me help you."

The voice came from behind the young man in yellow. It was a middle-aged man in black who slowly walked out.

Then the middle-aged man in black rushed towards Austin in incredibly fast speed.

The man in black knew that since Austin and the queen could turn more than hundreds of disciples of the Sky Sect into mist of blood without much effort, they must indeed be very powerful.


A long sword glowing with a cold, blue light suddenly appeared in the hands of the middle-aged man. At the same moment, his body also radiated with the sword power. He rushed towards Austin and the queen armed with the powerful sword, glowing feverishly with killing intent.

Level three sword potential!

Austin immediately sensed that the man coming to attack them was at the level three sword potential which could turn out to be fatal for them.

"Rot in hell!"

screamed the middle-aged man. The long sword in his hand transformed into a white dragon and charged toward Austin. The invisible sword radiance filled the whole space in front of Austin. The radiance was blinding and rendered Austin and the queen powerle

is Mr. Faron is a big shot around here.'

The superior elder of any sect did have a very high position amongst the members.

Usually, the superior elders were the most powerful people in a sect.

There were many instances when the superior elder of a sect commands a higher position than that of their sect leaders.

"Boy, if you kill me, you're going to die!

The Sky Sect will not spare you!

I'm telling you, my grandfather loves me very dearly. If I tell him all this, you won't be able to stay in the South Continent, let alone the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

Now, you kneel down before me and apologize to me.

If you do, I may choose to forgive you."

When Mr. Faron saw Austin's expression, he thought Austin was scared. So he began to threaten Austin.

In the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, Mr. Faron enjoyed the best treatment wherever he went. There was not a single soul that did not respect him.

He was famous and his identity was known to all.

"Oh? Really? I must apologize to you?"

Austin couldn't help let out a condescending giggle.

"How dare you?!"

In that moment, the deep voice of an old man resonated around them.

Then the two old men moved quickly entered the scene through the gate.

They looked angrily at Austin.

"Let go of Mr. Faron!"

It was an old man of about 60 years old who shouted coldly at Austin. He was dressed in grey, matching the colour of his mane.

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