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   Chapter 1160 Find Their Whereabouts

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6669

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"Humph, now that you can't wait to get yourselves killed, I'll fulfill your wish," the queen said coldly.

Anger coursed through her when she heard the disrespectful remarks the soldiers guarding the gates made about her.

Noticing that they were closing in on Austin and her, she couldn't control her anger anymore. With a stern face, she released terrifyingly strong energy.


A loud sound echoed as the energy wave spread outward.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The soldiers charging at the queen turned into a bloody mist.

Over a hundred soldiers died on the spot.

'What's happening?'

The cultivators who were waiting in line to enter the city shuddered at the sight. Several faint-hearted ones passed out from sheer fear.

They were taken aback by Austin's and the queen's battle forces.

Austin's strength had already shocked them. But now, they witnessed the queen's power. They were surprised that the woman seemed stronger than Austin.

'This guy beat a dozen soldiers to a pulp in a heartbeat.

However, the woman is more powerful than him. She hadn't even lifted a finger. Just by releasing some mysterious energy, she had turned more than a hundred soldiers into a bloody fog, ' they surmised.

Dead silence filled the area after the confrontation.

No one dared to make a sound.

Five to six soldiers who hadn't joined the battle were petrified. Terror reflected in their eyes as they gaped at the queen. Their complexion paled, and their teeth chattered.

"You! Come over here."

Austin waved at the remaining soldiers who seemed frozen at the gates.

These soldiers' legs had turned limp from fear. Panicked, they fell to their knees. "Sir... Please don't kill me.

I was just doing my job.

Please spare my life." Each of the soldiers begged as they kowtowed before Austin.

"I have several questions for you. If you answer them honestly, I will not kill you,"

Austin said.

Upon hearing this, the soldiers breathed a sigh of relief

p on the ground.

It turned out that Austin had already killed the man who had hit Evan.

"Who is stirring trouble here? How dare you lay a hand on our men? Don't you know we're from the Sky Sect?"

A loud voice came from the gates.

Then a young man clad in a yellow robe walked out of the city.

Two middle-aged men accompanied the man dressed in yellow. Austin could tell by the vital energy the two middle-aged men released that they were at the Tribulation Realm.

A disciple next to the young man who was dressed in yellow clothes, took a step forward.

"Faron, this asshole and that bitch killed our companions," he said through gritted teeth as he pointed at Austin and the queen.

"What's going on?

Where are the others?" Faron Chang asked with a puzzled look on his face.

The men accompanying him were also confused, for they only saw a dozen dead bodies on the ground.

'Where did the other soldiers go?' they wondered.

Since the queen had smashed all the soldiers into a bloody mist, there were no flesh or bone remains left.

"What's all this? Where did the other disciples go?

Tell me,"

Faron questioned the five soldiers.

"They are dead," one soldier replied as he trembled with fear.

When he spoke, he stole glances at Austin and the queen. Horror reflected in his eyes.

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