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   Chapter 1159 The Yellowstone City

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The Yellowstone City was a typical medium-sized city near the border of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

However, recently, its streets had been crowded with people who were passing through the city to get into the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

One day, outside the gate of the Yellowstone City, the noises were incessant as countless passengers stood in a long line. They all waited to be interrogated and examined by the guards before being allowed to enter the city.

Most of the passengers who stood in line were human warriors from other countries who were hoping to enter the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

However, not all of them were going to be granted entry into the city as hundreds of guards and soldiers blocked the gate and carefully examined whoever wanted to enter the city.


All of a sudden, two lights flashed across the sky and a man and a woman appeared on the clearing right in front of the gate.

"You two, come over here right now!" one guard shouted in a very condescending manner.

The guards could not believe their eyes. How dare those two people land boldly on the clearing before the gate without asking for their permission?

Since they were born and raised in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, the guards thought very highly of themselves and looked down on people from other smaller countries.

They did not feel the need to treat those lesser people with kindness. After all, those people were refugees, and refugees did not deserve their respect, let alone any special treatment.

"Are you talking to me?" asked Austin.

The man and the woman who had just landed on the clearing before the gate were actually Austin and the queen.

They left the Violet Orchid Empire and hoped to find Evan and Austin's two fiancees along the way. However, no matter how hard they tried, they were not able to find any useful clues regarding their possible whereabouts.

Seven days later, they finally arrived in the Yellowstone City located at the border of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

As soon as Austin landed on the ground, he immediately saw a middle-aged guard pointing a finger at him and heard his rude voice. Naturally, Austin felt confused and frustrated.

"Yes, come here, the two of you. Son of a bitch!"

one guard shouted angrily.

When Austin realized that the guard was talking to him and the queen, his countenance changed at once.

Without saying a word, he approached the guard with the queen right behind him.

"Flying in the sky above the Yellowstone City is forbidden. Hasn't anyone told you this? You have just violated the law, and violators like you need to be punished. Because of that, I am giving you a fine of 2, 000 pieces of superior vital energy crystals for your offense.

Also, according to the law, you need to give up your Space Ring. You can only

ould or shouldn't do. Guys, arrest them right away for insulting officials,"

one guard roared angrily. At his command, the other guards immediately pounced on Austin and the queen.

However, since all those guards and soldiers were only Imperial Realm or Sky Realm warriors, they posed no threat to Austin and the queen.

Austin released a small fraction of his physical strength.

He was about to strike.

He stretched out his hand and quickly tapped the guards one by one with his palm quickly.

Every time Austin's hand touched a soldier, the latter was immediately reduced to a pool of blood and flesh.

An eerie silence immediately fell.

Everyone who witnessed the scene was stunned by the horrifying sight. Their jaws dropped and their breaths became labored.

Within just a few seconds, Austin had killed a dozen Sky Realm and Imperial Realm guards. Despite how horrifying the scene was, their deaths were still a joy and comfort to the refugees who were only trying to pass through the gate and enter the Yellowstone City.

"Oh, fuck. Run! Go back and report that there's a bastard killed our people," said one guard in a terrified and trembling voice.

The remaining guards were frightened to death. But at the same time, they were very relieved that they did not join those dead guards.

Immediately, a young soldier turned around and rushed to the city as quickly as he could.

The remaining soldiers took their weapons out, came closer to Austin and the queen with caution, and surrounded them once again.

"You two must have a death wish since you dared to kill officials near the city."

"Have you lost your mind? Why did you commit murder?" some soldiers shouted at Austin angrily when they saw the dead bodies of their colleagues.

Hundreds of guards and soldiers moved at the same time and attacked Austin and the queen with their vital energy force.

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