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   Chapter 1158 Departure From The Imperial Capital City

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"Your life is in our hands, yet you're still reluctant to talk,"

the queen snorted. Then, she released her spiritual sense all of a sudden and heavily hit the demon lord's Soul Sea.

At once, he felt a sharp pain and started to scream.

Apparently, the queen's spiritual sense was so powerful that the demon lord could not even take one blow from it.

"Either you talk to me and voluntarily answer the questions or I will pull your soul out, cast a spell, and search for the answers we want in your Soul Sea myself.

It's your choice!"

Even though she maintained a calm demeanor, her threatening words sent chills to the demon lord's heart. Suddenly, he felt cold -- as if he had sunk into the seafloor of an ocean that was thousands of meters deep.

In that moment, the demon lord finally realized how strong they actually were. He knew then that there was no way for him to deal with them without him ending up dead in the end.

If he chose to keep silent, he was sure to be tortured ruthlessly.

Thus, in order to avoid the cruel torture, he decided to answer Austin's questions honestly instead.

From the demon lord, Austin found out that the emperor, princes, dukes, and ministers had all been imprisoned.

More than that, he learned that the demon race actually invaded the Prime Martial World for two reasons. Firstly, they wanted to plunder more resources to cultivate their fighting skills. Secondly, they wanted more slaves for themselves.

Therefore, the demon race had no intention of wiping out the human race after all.

They only needed to kill whoever fought against them while enslaving those who did not resist.

Meanwhile, at that time, the battle in the imperial capital city was over. All of the creatures from the demon race, had already been slaughtered by the soldiers from the evil shadow race.

The reason why the battle ended in such a short time was because the Violet Orchid Empire was actually small and weak.

For that reason, the leaders of the demon race did not consider it to be of great importance. Thus, only two demon lords and a dozen demon generals were tasked to lead the demon soldiers to conquer the empire.

After Austin had forced the demon lord to answer all of his questions, he then used the Body Invading Skill to absorb all of the demon lord's demonic energy.

In spite of the demon lord's cooperation, Austin did not show any mercy. After all, he had sworn to kill them all.

Once he was finished absorbing the demon lord's demonic energy, he headed for the imperial palace.

In the past, whenever Austin stayed in the imperial capital city, the

nd take him to a safe place.

"Okay. I like that idea.

Thank you so much, Austin,"

the emperor answered with a delighted tone.

"Prepare yourselves. We will depart soon,"

Austin said to them.

Meanwhile, Austin desperately wanted to find his two fiancees and friends.

Before he had succeeded in doing that, Austin decided that he would not waste his time and energy in doing anything else.

Austin led the emperor and the royal family, and would leave the imperial palace soon.

After a while, Austin noticed that Warren, the emperor's father, was nowhere to be found among the princes, dukes, and ministers. When he asked, he was told that Warren had actually died in a battle against the demon race.

An hour later, the emperor had already summoned his people, and they all gathered before Austin.

Besides the royal family, Austin also needed to take the guards, servants, and servant girls from the Austin Palace.

Austin explained his plans to them briefly, and then transferred all of them to his City model.

Upon seeing this, the queen immediately got curious about Austin's particular skill of transferring people into and out of his City model.

"Austin, be honest. How many people can actually live in your magic treasure?

By my estimate, I am guessing that more than 50, 000 people are living there now, am I right?"

the queen probed.

"It can accommodate about another 50, 000 people or so,"

Austin replied with a thin smile.

Then, he took the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot, and he and the queen entered it at once.

Once they were inside, Austin cast a spell and transformed the chariot into a flash of lightning. In the blink of an eye, it completely disappeared from the imperial capital city.

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