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   Chapter 1157 Austin Was A Great Lord

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8008

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"Who dared to kill our demon soldiers? Get the hell out!"

A furious roar suddenly resounded from outside the Austin Palace.

Upon using his spiritual sense to get a grip on what was happening, Austin found that the Austin Palace had actually been sieged by many demons led by three demon generals.

The moment Austin and the queen arrived at the imperial capital city, the queen immediately stormed to kill dozens of demon soldiers. Of course, this little crusade of hers startled all the demons in the city.

"Master, it's the demons. They have surrounded the Austin Palace!"

one guard hastily reported to Austin after having observed the external conditions for a while.

"Humph. Well, today is the day they meet their doom,"

Austin snorted. In that moment, his heart was overflowing with murderous intent.

The demon race had always disgusted him.

But now, they had finally crossed the line by invading the Violet Orchid Empire and killing his people. To top that off, Austin's two fiancees and friends were still missing because of them.

With that, Austin's burning hatred for the demon race had never been so strong. He just couldn't wait to kill them.


Austin drew his Slaughtering Sword at once and appeared at the gate of the Austin Palace in a blink of an eye.

The queen merely followed suit and stood beside him.

"Your Majesty, there they are! They are the ones that killed our soldiers!"

Many demon soldiers screamed the moment Austin and the queen appeared.

"Go and get the two assholes! I will have them intermittently tortured until they die a miserable death!"

one of the three demon generals commanded to the demon soldiers with a wave of his hand. On his face were a vicious expression and ice-cold eyes.

Without missing a beat, a dozen or so demons rushed towards Austin and the queen at once.

In that moment, the murderous intent in Austin's heart intensified even more. Finally, Austin ran out of patience and burst out in a violent roar.

"You damn beasts, go to hell where you belong!"

At once, he raised his Slaughtering Sword and the murderous intent streamed out from it like a mighty river.

The area where Austin stood became engulfed in a scarlet dazzling light coming from both the sword and himself.

Originally, the Slaughtering Sword already contained murderous intent. However, combined with Austin's wr

You... Who are you?"

The demon lords bellowed as they glared at Austin and the queen.

"I told you. We are the ones who are going to send you to hell!"

Austin repeated in a cold tone. Without wasting a moment, he violently crashed into one of the two demon lords.

"You're courting death!"

The demon lord immediately went into a rampage. But Austin was too fast and much more powerful than him.

Thus, in spite of his best efforts, the demon lord was unable to resist Austin's attack.

Austin's punch badly hurt the demon lord. Without a moment's delay, Austin immediately generated the Body Invading Skill to absorb all the demonic energy inside of the demon lord.

Upon seeing this, the other demon lord froze in shock over the dreadful truth. However, just as he was about to offer help, the queen stretched out her delicate hand as if she was grasping something in the air. The moment she did that, the demon lord found himself completely unable to move.

"That's the Body Invading Skill! Why are you using the Body Invading Skill of our race?

Who are you?"

the demon lord cried out in fear under the control of the queen. When he saw what Austin was doing to the other demon lord, he immediately recognized the skill that Austin was using.

"Tell me the truth! What have you done to the people in the royal palace?"

Austin turned to look at the demon lord. His eyes were piercingly cold.

"Who are you? The Prime Martial World is going to fall in our hands. Anyone who goes against the demon race will come to a bad end!"

the demon lord roared ferociously.

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