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   Chapter 1156 Return To The Austin Palace

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The queen and Austin were found by the demon race in the city as soon as they entered the imperial capital city.

"Look! There are the two humans!"

"How dare they fly into the city without even a second thought?!"

The imperial capital city was now under the control of the demon race. The soldiers of the demon race tortured and killed the humans in the city indiscriminately. They felt no remorse about their actions. Now here were two humans openly flying into the city. This agitated many of the demon soldiers and they furiously flew towards Austin and the queen.

"Humph, reckless, little ants!"

the queen said in an impassionate voice as she stretched out her hand and absorbed the air around her. A sharp energy instantly spread in all directions.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The demon soldiers who came up to her exploded and their bodies turned into a mass of bloody mist.

"Ah! Something is wrong with these two. They are not normal humans!"

"Let's report them to the demon lord!"

Dozens of demon soldiers were killed in the blink of an eye. The other demon soldiers were frightened and stopped their attack for they could tell that the two humans were very powerful.

Austin was in a hurry to return to his palace, so he activated his Thunderbolt Movement Skill and flew towards it as quickly as lightening, letting the queen take over the task of fighting the soldiers.

It didn't take long for her to finish of the task and soon followed him to the palace.

Just a minute later.

Austin arrived at the gate of the Austin Palace.

The entrance to his abode lay in ruins. The two bronze doors were destroyed and the walls had been broken down.

Outside the gate, there were more than twenty dead bodies of the diabolic beasts. These diabolic beasts had all been at the fifth grade when they were left by Austin to be a part of the guardians of the Austin Palace.

Looking down upon their bodies, Austin felt a sense of sadness wash over him. But then he did not allow this to consume him. He walked past their bodies into the palace.

There were also many dead bodies inside the palace. It was apparent that the demon race had entered and killed all the living creatures within the palace as well.

"Ha-ha-ha, you are all my slaves now. Whoever dares to disobey my orders, will end up like these pitiful beings!"

In the main hall of the palace, there were five to six demon soldiers sitting on the high chairs. They were surrounded by a dozen of beautiful human maids. The arrogance on their faces was apparent as they let the maids massage their backs.

A large group of people also knelt before these villains in the hall.

These people included the guardians, servants and maids of the palace. Most of them had been sent to Austin by the emperor.

Apart from

was only a few hundreds of people left in the hall, as the others had been killed by the demon race.

A little more than two hundred guardians remained alive from the original five hundred ones. Out of these guardians, there used to be five team leaders, but now there were only two team leaders left alive.

These two team leaders used to have the cultivation base at the preliminary stage of Earth Realm. Now one of them was at the premium stage of Earth Realm, and the other was at the preliminary stage of Mysterious Realm.

In the past years, because there were a lot of resources for cultivation in the Austin Palace, they had made considerable progress in enhancing their cultivation bases.

These two team leaders were now the most powerful cultivators amongst Austin's followers.

Austin asked these two team leaders where his two fiancees and Evan were.

After they answered, Austin let out a sigh of relief.

Before the demon race invaded the Violet Orchid Empire, people in the Violet Orchid Empire were frightened as they'd gotten information that several other small empires around the Violet Orchid Empire were being invaded by the demon race one by one.

So many people left the Violet Orchid Empire and fled to the three holy empires in the Southern Continent.

Because the power of the three holy empires were the strongest in the empires of the Southern Continent.

Given the prevailing situation, the three holy empires was the safest place in the Southern Continent.

Before Austin's two fiancees left from the palace, they had told some of the maids that they were most likely to go to the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

'Did they really go to the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom?'

Austin was a little skeptical. He felt a mixed feeling surging inside him, because many of his enemies lived in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

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