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   Chapter 1155 The Demon Race Occupied The Violet Orchid Empire

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Austin filled the queen in on his plan and reason why he had to return to the Violet Orchid Empire.

The queen contemplated his words for a while before responding.

"How about we come with you?

You can take all the credit for helping us leave the small alternate dimension. Now that your family and friends are in trouble, we can't just stand by and watch.

Besides, for now, we don't have any urgent place that we have to go to or anything urgent that needs our attention. We can help you save your friends and relatives first and then find somewhere to settle down,"

offered the queen.

Overjoyed, Austin accepted her offer immediately. 'The queen and her people from the evil shadow race are very powerful.

The queen in particular is so strong that she may be an asset when fighting against demon imperators.

I entered that small alternate dimension by chance and got acquainted with members of the evil shadow race. Now I have a strong alliance, ' he mused.

Austin and the queen therefore set off for the valley.

However, there was one slight challenge. There was no way Austin could go to the Violet Orchid Empire with a crown of tens of thousands of members. It would slow him down.

Yet Austin was eager to get there as soon as possible.

He explained to the queen his predicament, and after getting her permission, he sent all her people into the City model.

After that, he took out the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot and got into it with the queen.

The chariot soared into the sky, It shook slightly before suddenly disappearing into thin air.


The Dragon and Phoenix Chariot moved so fast towards the South Continent that no one could spot it with the naked eye. It flew towards the direction of the Violet Orchid Empire.

Sitting in the chariot, the queen marveled at its speed.

Based on the speed they were moving, she deduced that the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot was faster than her even if she used her bodily movement skill to its full potential.

Austin used a lot of the divine vital energy crystals on the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot so that it could move at full speed.

While they were traveling, all he could think of was returning to the Violet Orchid Empire so that he could save his relatives and friends who were very important to him.

"Just relax. Perhaps your relatives

scan the imperial capital city. Just as he had expected, the city was occupied by the demon race since he could detect their evil aura.

Austin clenched his fists so hard that his knuckles had turned pale.


A few seconds later, the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot stopped above the imperial capital city.

Austin and the queen immediately got off once it touched the ground.

According to their powers, they could easily flee even if there were demon imperators in the city.

Moreover, both of them didn't think a demon imperator would appear in small, distant and weak countries like the Violet Orchid Empire.

After putting the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot aside, Austin and the queen released their spiritual sense to detect exactly what had happened at the imperial capital city.

"There are only two demon lords who seem to be the strongest among the warriors,"

the queen stated.


Austin nodded in confirmation.

A demon lord was as powerful as a Tribulation Realm human cultivator.

Austin was aware that so far the best human cultivators in the Violet Orchid Empire had just reached the Imperial Realm.

And there was no cultivators at the Master Realm.

The two demon lords could conquer the Violet Orchid Empire without any difficulty.

Knowing that demons lords were the strongest among the demon race in the city, Austin and the queen had nothing to worry about.

After analyzing the situation, they realized that there was no need to hide their traces. They then directly flew towards the Austin Palace.

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