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   Chapter 1154 Return To The Violet Orchid Empire

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Boom! Boom!

Austin wielded his Slaughtering Sword with precision. Each time he flexed his sword, it created deadly blood-red sword auras. In the blink of an eye, five hundred members of the demon race laid dead on the ground.

In other words, the demon race were killed one batch after another where Austin came.

Austin skillfully and swiftly maneuvered his bodily movement skill like a ghost, and became a real killing machine, against which the demon race stood no chance.

In a short span of time, the number of the demon race members that were killed by Austin rose well beyond several hundreds.

The members of the evil shadow race who had followed behind admired him from afar. It was impossible not to after witnessing the extent of his powers right in front of their eyes.

The queen's eyes also reflected the same admiration felt by her people. For a moment, she was transfixed by Austin's outstanding skills in the battlefield.

But the queen of the demon race was also not far behind when it came to the number of killing the demons. Both of them together were wiping out the demons at the speed of light. Her fighting style was also brutal but perhaps slightly more graceful than that of Austin.

She just stretched out her soft hands and curled her fingers into a fist. Her palms then glowed a bright blue. When she opened her palms, powerful energy containing immense strength flooded out from her body. Within an instant, more than one thousand members of the demon race were killed and their bodies scattered into pieces.

Only some of the members of the demon race remained alive. They were very frightened by Austin. He had easily killed the majority of their race and there were only a few of them left to fight. Their fear got the best of them as they saw Austin rush towards them with his sword. Thus, many troops of the demons retreated to save their own lives.

"How dare you! You have killed so many members of our demon race!"

All of a sudden, a black figure appeared to Austin's left. From the corner of his eye, he could tell it was something or someone very powerful.

Austin turned around to look at the figure. He then recognized that it was a demon lord by his spiritual sense.

'That's really good!' Austin thought to himself.

Ever since he had entered the city, Austin was looking forward to fighting against a demon lord.

Now that he saw one rushing towards him, Austin was really delighted. He was always ready to take on a powerful opponent.

With a sudden flourish, Austin kept aside his Slaughtering Sword. He did not use his sword but let the demonic energy inside his body gather into his gut until it burst out through his eyes.

At that time, the demonic energy inside Austin's body was more potent than that of any ordinary demon lord.

In a split second, the demonic energy covered Austin entirely.


Austin rushed towards the demon lord so quickly that it produced a sound like that of a sword cutting air. A beam of black light followed Austin as he moved towards his kill.

"What? Are you human or a

y were so powerful and had well trained the troops that had come to the Prime Martial World.

It was also said that inside the South Continent of the Prime Martial World, there were two demon emperors and ten demon imperators.

What was even more frightening was that they were present on all the four continents of the Prime Martial World, not only the South Continent where the demon race appeared.

The troops of the demon race were also spotted inside the other three continents namely the East Continent, the West Continent and the North Continent.

The demon race of the Demon Abyss World actually was attempting to conquer all the four continents by sending in these powerful troops.

Hearing this news, Austin furrowed his eyebrows in worry.

Could it be true that the whole Prime Martial World was being controlled by the demon race and had become their territory?

As a human cultivator who had grown up in the Prime Martial World, Austin of course did not want this to happen.

'No!' he thought.

Just as he worried about the whole Prime Martial World, he realized something.

All of a sudden, a terrifying thought crossed Austin's mind and made his body quiver!

There dozens of medium or small empires in the South Continent of the Prime Marital World had been conquered by the demon race.

So what had happened to the Violet Orchid Empire?

As the forces of the Violet Orchid Empire were small and weak, there was no way it could've survived when it confronted the attack of the strong demon race. The demon race could defeat the empire in a single blow.

Inside the Violet Orchid Empire, there were many people that Austin cared about deeply.

The two girls who had been engaged to him and his dear friends like Evan and Herbert.

If the Violet Orchid Empire was occupied by the demon race, it was very likely that the lives of these people would be in danger.

He realized that he could not stay there anymore.

Austin decided in that moment that he would return to the Violet Orchid Empire as soon as possible.

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