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   Chapter 1153 Killing Into The Water City

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After about two hours, the queen finally finished cultivating.

The queen moved as quietly as a ghost. Austin only felt that a grey figure flew past him before she appeared beside him.

At that instant, she appeared to be much more powerful than before and could release more energy.

"Congratulations! You have made a breakthrough finally."

Austin was very happy to realize that fact.

Now, the queen had changed her clothes already.

Her skin was as white as milk. She looked nobler and purer, like a beautiful angel from the heavens with the aura of serenity all around her. Her dress was carried in the wind as if she was ready to fly away the next moment.

"Thank you for protecting and looking after me when I was cultivating."

The queen smiled gratefully.

"Well, I guess it is time to find the members of my evil shadow race. I pray that they have also made breakthroughs successfully," she added hopefully.

She was visibly worried about those warriors in the evil shadow race.

Therefore, she closed her eyes to detect where they were with the help of her energy.

After a while, she pointed and said, "They are in this direction."

She directed at the east. It was completely obvious that she knew an arcane spell to detect where they were.

After that, she and Austin rushed towards the east like a bolt of thunder.

They had flown for about one hour in the said direction. A smile appeared on the queen's angelic face.

"We are going to find them soon it seems."

By using his spiritual sense, Austin also felt that there were more than ten thousand warriors of the evil shadow race in a valley not very far away from them.

After several breaths, Austin and the queen arrived at the valley and landed on the ground.

"My queen! You are back! You are really back"

Those warriors were very excited to see her again and they ran to her to greet her.

"Ha-ha, it looks like you have all broken through."

The queen felt satisfied and triumphant after she had detected their booming energy.

Austin also felt that those warriors of the evil shadow race were being able to release more powerful energy than ever before.

It was obvious that most of them had broken through already.

"My queen, the evil energy of the Prime Martial World was much denser and stronger compared to the small alternate dimension that we lived in before. Therefore, we have improved our strength at a high speed this time,"

Priest Callum explained as he walked forward.

Austin knew that Priest Callum had also improved his strength. Evidently, he had made a breakthrough.

"Now that we can cultivate better in the Prime Martial World, we need to cultiva

and moved quickly towards the wall. She just put one of her hands on the wall.


The wall was destroyed and turned into dust as the sounds were heard in succession.

A few hundred guards of the demon race on the wall were dead within a blink of an eye. It was a gruesome scene.

"The enemies are attacking our city!"

At once, the loud noises attracted all the demons' attention in the city. Many demons started to turn into black clouds and rush to the wall in a hurry to see what happened.

Austin took out his Slaughtering Sword and moved his body swiftly. At once, he appeared in the center of the city with the murderous weapon ready to fulfill its task.

At that moment, thousands of the demons were rushing towards him. They were ready to attack him without even a trace of fear in their eyes.

Whenever these demons passed by a human city, they would kill all the people in the city. They were hunting humans for fun. Every demon was a mass murderer with much blood on his hands!

As Austin thought of their massacre, he was full of killing instinct and wanted to take complete revenge on this cold blooded murderers.

"Go to the hell!"

Austin screeched in anger. He waved his Slaughtering Sword to slash many demon races at a time. As he waved his sword, the whole space was filled with his red energy that was finally turned into red sword aura. It was a scene of terror.

Boom! Boom!

At the same time, four or five hundred demon races were killed by an explosion. Their bodies were now chunks of flesh and pool of blood.


The demons were shocked and were afraid of him. Even Austin was shell shocked by what just happened.

After he had reached the Tribulation Realm, he could release more power than before, using the Slaughtering Sword.

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