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   Chapter 1152 The Trial Of The Queen

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As the queen danced over the massive forest, her gorgeous delicate gown hugged the curves of her body perfectly.

She was like a lotus, fresh out of water. Her skin glittered attractively, and she looked so holy and majestic. She was like a fairy from the Moon Palace, beautiful but aloof.

Then, the queen stood motionless in the air and partially closed her eyes. She started to cast spells, and a strong power was unleashed from her. As swift as the wind in a storm, the power swept over the land.

Meanwhile, all existing grey evil energy in the forest started to gather around the queen, like rivers gushing toward the ocean.

The more grey evil energy the queen consumed, the more tremendous her power became.

Under pressure from the power unleashed by the queen, Austin felt helpless—like a small boat rocking precariously on violently waves during a tsunami.

Back when he had made a breakthrough to the Tribulation Realm, Austin had thought that with the increase in his vital energy's cultivation base, he could be considered as a first-class warrior anywhere in the South Continent of the Prime Martial World.

However, after seeing the power of both the Black Demon Imperator and the queen, Austin knew that his cultivation base was still ridiculously weak and not even worth mentioning in front of higher-ranked opponents.

There was no limit to one's power in martial arts!

The overwhelming desire to decrease the gap between him and the power he had witnessed coursed through Austin.

Austin knew that he was not inferior to anyone else when it came to cultivating in martial arts. As long as he worked hard, Austin would someday possess or even surpass the queen's power.

As determination filled Austin, he clenched his fists.

At this moment, suddenly, a strong wind formed and swept across the entire area. Above the dense forest, countless dark clouds assembled in the sky, covering hundreds of acres. Everything became so tense right at this moment.

Layers upon layers of dark clouds started to twirl like a giant vortex in the ocean, forming an enormous dark funnel.

At the center of that dark vortex, lightning flashed, like silver s

panel, twirled at high speed as it headed straight for the lightning.

"Mind Blossoming!"

shouted the queen. In the next instant, grey evil energy oozed out of her body and turned into many giant flowers—each with a diameter of ten meters. Nine grey petals opened and closed on each of the flowers.

Several layers of flowers blossomed around the queen, encasing her in their protective embrace.


The purple lightning struck.

The grey round panel was thrown several meters away and crashed into the woods below.

Then, the flowers began to melt away, like snowflakes under the sun.

Simultaneously, the power of the purple lightning slowly drained.

Finally, once all the flowers had disappeared, the lightning hit the queen.


The queen screamed.

As the residual energy of the purple lightning coursed through the queen, her clothes melted away.

Now that her clothes were shredded, the queen's snow-white skin was revealed.

Her curvaceous body appeared even more beautiful in the ragged clothes.

Austin was in a trance. He stared at the queen as she spat out mouthfuls of blood before crashing to the ground.

Austin was shocked and rushed forward to help her.

"Don't worry so much. I am okay.

I have passed the trial. Now, I just need some time to reinforce my level,"

said the queen to Austin telepathically.

Upon hearing her words, Austin stopped moving and stood guard over the queen.

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