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   Chapter 1151 Punishment From Heaven

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Half an hour later, Austin had already absorbed all the demonic energy of the Black Demon Imperator.

At once, the body of the Black Demon Imperator disappeared into thin air.

However, as it turned out, it was actually just an avatar of the Black Demon Imperator. The real Black Demon Imperator was leading the demon army in another place, invading human territory.

Austin let out of a deep sigh of relief.

Now, he could feel that the demonic energy in his body had been replenished. More than that, it was actually a dozen times stronger than before.

With such powerful demonic energy, Austin believed that he could now defeat a demon lord without even batting an eyelash.

He believed that he could even go against a demon king now, even though it might still be difficult for him to win such a fight.

However, when Austin remembered his fight against the Black Demon Imperator's avatar, his heart couldn't help but skip a beat due to fear.

If a mere clone of the Black Demon Imperator was almost strong enough to kill him, then how formidable would the real Black Demon Imperator be?

There was little doubt in Austin's mind that he would have been dead by now if he had fought against the Black Demon Imperator. In fact, he believed that the demon imperator would have been able to kill him with just a flick of his finger. After all, Austin's cultivation base could never compare to the strength of the Black Demon Imperator.

Chills went down Austin's spine at the thought of how much trouble he had gotten himself into.

"You surprised me quite a bit there, Austin! I did not expect you to master the demonic skill to absorb a demon's demonic energy,"

the queen said to Austin while walking towards him. As she looked at Austin, her charming eyes sparkled with admiration.

But in spite of her growing curiosity about how Austin, a human being, was able to master a demonic skill, she chose not to ask Austin about it. She was well aware that the secret to it must be something that Austin would not be willing to talk about.

"I'm so flattered, Your Majesty. But I have to admit that the Black Demon Imperator is a really formidable being. Only a clone of his could hold such strong power!"

Austin said in an attempt to change the topic at once. He had no desire to talk about his demonic skills any more.

After all, the fact that he learned those skills only due to the demon race's skeleton inside his body was not something to be proud of.

"Yes! You are absolutely right. Since he is a demon imperator of the demon race, it only follows that he is a formidable opponent.

That clone that you were facing just now only has thirty percent of his actual demonic energy.

If he had been the one we were up against, even I would have been defeated given my current cultivation base,"

the queen said with a sigh.

"But once I fully regained my strength, it would be hard to tell who will win the fight,"

the queen said fir

on base will be the same as that of Primal Holy Realm cultivators.

The rule of nature does not allow might beings, such as Primal Holy Realm cultivators, to exist in the world, so nature will unleash all of its force to stop such a thing from happening.

In other words, if a cultivator wants to reach the Primal Holy Realm, he or she must have to take down the Thunderstroke Doom -- thunders coming from nature's power.

Apart from that, every time someone breaks through to become a Primal Holy Realm cultivator, he or she will suffer from the Heavenly Doom -- a punishment sent from heaven.

That punishment includes thunders, fire, mental torment, and so on,"

the queen explained to Austin patiently.

She knew that Austin would also reach the Primal Holy Realm sooner or later, so she wanted him to have a good grasp of the risk that he would face in the future.

"Oh! That's why! So those who reach the Primal Holy Realm has to suffer from a punishment sent by heaven, huh.

It's the first time I have ever heard of that."

Very few young men could achieve such quick progress in advancing through the levels of the cultivation base like Austin had. At that point, he had even reached the Tribulation Realm already.

But he did not have a mentor who could educate him about the different things involved in cultivation. The only lessons he got were from the teachers in the Sun Sect of the Violet Orchid Empire.

After he left the Sun Sect, he had to self-study and teach himself about cultivation.

"All right! I will now start my cultivation.

Remember! Stay far away from where I am. I would hate for you to suffer later,"

the queen said to Austin.

As soon as the queen finished speaking, Austin immediately moved more than thousand meters away. It was the first time he had the opportunity to see someone reach the Primal Holy Realm. To top that off, thunders would even appear once the queen broke through. It truly was a rare sight to see.

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