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   Chapter 1150 Absorb Demonic Energy

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Whiz! Whiz! Whiz!

Austin shot arrows at him, one after the other. The purple arrows flew in the air like shooting stars.

Since he had shot dozens of arrows in the blink of an eye, they looked like meteorites falling from the sky.

But the speed at which he was able to shoot the arrows came at a high price. Austin depleted all the vital energy in his energy meridian in just a few seconds. It was as if using the skill had sucked him.

Austin closed his eyes and took a long, deep breath.

Then, he used his mind to control the vital energy stone inside his elixir field. In a flash, the vital energy stones poured out enough vital energy to replenish Austin's body.

Simultaneously, Austin consumed several high-grade pills and elixirs to regain the vital energy he had spent in one go.

Whiz! Whiz! Whiz!

Austin shot another twenty purple arrows, all of which were aimed at the Black Demon Imperator.

After taking another deep breath, Austin pulling the Invincible Bow and shot another dozen purple arrows. There were so many purple arrows in the sky that the purple light almost covered the Black Demon Imperator.

"Damn it! Your vital energy seems limitless and inexhaustible,"

the Black Demon Imperator bellowed. Although he knew that a few arrows would not harm him, the demon imperator found the situation frustrating and bothersome.

However, the situation was growing more serious. Austin was bombarding him with hundreds of arrows all at once. It was like the skies had split open and purple arrows were raining down on him. They just kept on coming! One or two arrows might not be able to hurt him, but a hundred of them was a completely another story.

Some of the purple arrows passed by the demon imperator. However, their force was so powerful that they hurt his body.

And the power of the queen's Shadowy Moon Disc increased manifold as well.

The queen of the evil shadow race was also surprised by what she witnessed. Her hand flew to her mouth when she saw Austin shooting so many purple arrows, one by one. She could also tell that the bow Austin was using had definitely consumed a lot of energy.

She did not understand how Austin had so much vital energy inside his body.

"Damn it!

You bastard! The next time I meet you, I will kill you!"


ack. He felt a sharp pain and spat out mouthfuls of blood.

"Your Grace, would you please help me to suppress the demon?"

Austin immediately asked the queen for help. The Black Demon Imperator's power was so strong that he was able to hurt Austin even though he was dying.

The queen stretched her hand and released overwhelming gray evil energy that enveloped the Black Demon Imperator. Then, she tightly suppressed the Black Demon Imperator's broken body.

Austin walked close to the demon imperator and activated his Body Invading Skill to absorb his demonic energy once again.


You evil and filthy people! I will kill you!

I will extract your souls and torture you cruelly!"

the Black Demon Imperator growled.

But, his voice gradually became weaker.

Austin's body was absorbing the pure demonic energy inside the demon imperator's body.

The queen was surprised by this strange scene.

She wondered how a human cultivator could absorb so much demonic energy.

Humans cultivated spiritual energy, also known as vital energy.

And the demon race cultivated demonic energy.

Since they were two completely different systems of energy, how could they co-exist in the body of a human cultivator?

The queen did not know that the bones of a demon imperator had fused with Austin accidentally. And this was why Austin's bones could store demonic energy.

As vital energy was stored in the elixir field and the energy meridians, it could co-exist with demonic energy as that was saved in his bones.

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