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   Chapter 1149 Battle Between Magic Treasures

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7399

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"It's you!

How dare you meddle in my affairs?"

The Black Demon Imperator flew into a rage when he saw the queen of the evil shadow race helping Austin.

"I told you not to touch him!"

said the queen firmly.

"Humph, you are just a bitch from the evil shadow race. You dare to threaten me?"

the Black Demon Imperator growled.

Boundless black evil aura flowed out of his body and turned into nine long black rivers. The rivers surged toward the queen from nine different directions.

The nine black rivers seemed to be carrying countless rotten bones that emitted the terrible smell of death and destruction. Anyone confronted by these rivers would have felt as though they were standing in the River Styx in Hades.

"If your real body were present here, I would feel a little fear. Your avatar doesn't intimidate me."

While hovering in mid-air, the queen took a step forward. Boundless gray evil energy flowed out of her curvy body and covered the queen in armor. At the moment, the queen emitted the aura of a valiant warrior.


The queen's way of fighting was straightforward but violent. As she released a punch, her little fist, which was wrapped in the gray armor, sent out terrible energy that smashed one of the black rivers to pieces.

Austin was stunned when he watched the queen fight. Every time Austin met the queen, she was always elegant and well-behaved, and carried a dignified air. And so, Austin did not expect that she could be so ruthless while fighting.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The queen, still encased in her gray armor, flew closer to the Black Demon Imperator and launched a series of attacks.

The actions of the queen and the Black Demon Imperator were so fast that they could not be seen clearly.

Austin had to release his spiritual sense to perceive the two figures.

From the center of the battlefield, a terrible force of destruction swept outward.

The region under the two figures that were fighting in mid-air had rolling hills, a broad river, and a large, dense forest.

In an instant, the terrible energy in the shock wave destroyed the hills, cut off the rivers, and turned the forests to dust. The whole area around the battle spot

attacking. He was enraged and wanted to torture Austin to death.

Although the Invincible Bow could not hurt the Black Demon Imperator, it did distract him.

The queen took advantage of this opportunity to control the gray disc and attack the Black Demon Imperator. She moved forward, step by step. Her movements were so graceful that she looked alluring. Immediately, the Black Demon Imperator was beaten back, step by step. No doubt he was reduced to an inferior position in the battle.

"I will kill you, boy!"

With a mighty growl, the Black Demon Imperator aimed the overwhelming power of his demonic spiritual soul at Austin.


Do you want to attack my spiritual sense?"

Austin smiled coldly. As his spiritual soul had been integrated with the spiritual tree, he was able to resist a spiritual sense attack at least ten times more powerful than his own spiritual sense.

Although the demonic spiritual soul of the Black Demon Imperator was very powerful, only his avatar was present in this place. Thus, his demonic spiritual soul would not be ten times more powerful than Austin's spiritual sense.

In Austin's Soul Sea, the great spiritual sense flew forward to resist the demonic spiritual soul of the Black Demon Imperator.

"Weren't you very arrogant just now? Hah-hah, now you can't defeat me."

Austin smiled coldly. He raised the Invincible Bow again and pulled on the bowstring. As he released the bowstring, a purple arrow shot out.

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