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   Chapter 1148 The Queen Arrived In Time (Part Two)

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Along with the devil palm, the pressure from its devil power was also pushing toward Austin.

But just like last time, Austin was not willing to give up without a fight. So, he released his physical strength at once to resist the pressure that was dawning on him.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

At the same time, he violently waved his Slaughtering Sword towards the devil palm as the bloody sword aura once again showed up to attack the palm.

In the next moment, he launched his other attacks to fend off the devil palm—including the Timing Finger and the Bone-shaped Demon Claw.

After being attacked by Austin using numerous skills, the devil palm finally stopped dashing towards Austin and started lingering in midair. Somehow, the devil power it contained seemed to have been weakened a lot, making the palm look somewhat like an illusion.


The moment Austin felt that the devil power and the pressure being forced upon him were reduced in half, Austin exercised his Demonic Teleportation Skill at once and disappeared in a flash. When he showed up again, he was already a thousand meters away.


With a deafening noise, the black giant devil palm violently dropped onto the place where Austin stood just moments ago. The violent collision created a big hole that was more than a dozen acres wide on the ground.

All around the hole were wide cracks in the ground which spread around it like spider webs.

That scene proved once again how terrifying the strength of the demon imperator actually was. Despite the fact that he did not use any demonic skill, the devil palm he had casually created using his demonic energy was still so powerful it could create craters on the ground and smash mountains.

"What? How did you escape? I didn't expect you to be the least bit hard to deal with.

But it doesn't matter. I'm tired of this little show. This ends now!"

the Black Demon Imperator said confidently albeit with a tinge of surprise in his tone.

If it had been any other Tribulation Realm warrior who was attacked by the devil palm, they would have undoubtedly been ca

his body became depleted, he would be captured by the Black Demon Imperator for sure.

"Humph! How come a demon imperator is chasing a Tribulation Realm warrior so desperately? As someone much stronger, you are merely bullying the weak. Is the demon race such a race?"

All of a sudden, a woman's tender but angry voice abruptly rang out from a place not so far away from Austin and the demon imperator.

In the next moment, a gray beautiful shadow moved quickly and instantly appeared in front of Austin. Just when Austin was about to run out of demonic energy, his savior finally showed up in time. After a while, Austin saw that the shadow was actually a beautiful lady. Then, without a word, she violently waved her beautiful hand, and an enormous gray palm was formed.


With a loud noise, the enormous gray palm launched by the beautiful lady collided violently with the giant devil palm created by the Black Demon Imperator.

In the blink of an eye, the gray palm and the dark palm both exploded into pieces at the same time.

The impact of the collision was so strong that it smashed a small mountain below them into ashes.

As it turned out, the beautiful lady was actually the queen of the evil shadow race. She had been worried about Austin's safety, so she immediately came to help him. Meanwhile, Austin could not help but feel grateful that she arrived at the perfect time.

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