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   Chapter 1147 The Queen Arrived In Time (Part One)

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"You'd better stop with the nonsense. It won't help you at all. Just show me your real power and use it to catch me first," Austin retorted coldly.

He knew that there was no way he could show any sign of weakness. Otherwise, the Black Demon Imperator would soon finish him, and then go back and attack the evil shadow race. It was essential for Austin to hold the attention of the Black Demon Imperator for as long as he could, so that the people of the evil shadow race would have more time to make further breakthroughs. In order to do that, Austin continued to talk in an arrogant manner to provoke the Black Demon Imperator and anger him ever further.

"Humph! Do you honestly believe that I can't catch you?

Just because you learned a few demonic skills, you have the nerve to be arrogant in front of me? Just now, I saw that you had the ability to use the demonic skills of our race, and I was curious to see how many more of our skills you have learned. That is why I did not catch you and instead enjoyed our little cat and mouse game.

But I've had enough of your silly little games! Let me show you what real demonic skills are like," the Black Demon Imperator snarled angrily, evidently irritated by Austin's arrogant manner.

Hardly had he finished speaking when an extremely terrifying demonic energy suddenly surged out of his body. Soon, that demonic energy transformed into an evil aura which was so violent that it made the space in front of him twist and crack.

Then, without any warning at all, the Black Demon Imperator disappeared all of a sudden.

Austin witnessed the whole event through his spiritual sense. For some reason, he felt stunned and had a gut feeling that something bad was about to happen.


Then, all of a sudden, the Black Demon Imperator showed up about less than a thousand meters behind Austin.

Never, in his wildest dreams, did Austin imagine that the Black Demon Imperator would be able to move so instantaneously. Now, he barely had any time to think of a new plan to deal with the Black Demon Imperator.

"Did you see how quick I was just now, you brat? Well, now I'll show you how much faster I can go,"


stin drew out the Slaughtering Sword using his right hand as the overwhelming bloody killing intent that burst out from the Sword started sweeping around. Then, he waved the sword and streams of bloody sword aura showed up and violently hit the devil palm.


A few moments after the collision between the bloody sword aura and the devil palm, an ear-splitting explosive sound resounded in the air.

"Not bad. Your weapon is actually very good. Your strength, however, is not enough. If your strength had been one level higher, then with a good sword in hand, you might be able to fight against me.

However, given your current strength, there is no way you can escape your destiny—your soul will inevitably be killed by me," the Black Demon Imperator said without beating around the bush.

He was far more interested in the Slaughtering Sword in Austin's hand. He was quite curious as to how Austin was able to get such a rare sword.

However, it did not take long for his interest to vanish. He believed that there was no way that someone as weak as Austin would be able to fully utilize the power of such a weapon.

He was quite confident that Austin had no way of escaping from his palm.

In an instant, streams of evil aura surged up and squeezed the space around Austin again. Just like before, it soon transformed into a giant devil palm which immediately started dashing towards Austin at a speed which was neither slow nor fast.

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