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   Chapter 1146 Draw Him Away

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"Ha-ha. Now that you have chosen to defend this human, I'll kill all of you," the avatar of the Black Demon Imperator declared.

Although furious, the demon laughed. Then, he formed a huge palm that covered several miles and commanded it to target the queen.

"Attack them! Don't let any of them go," he commanded his underlings.

Numerous demons dashed toward their enemies from all directions. All of a sudden, evil aura filled the whole place.

"Don't flatter yourself," the queen snorted defiantly.

As she raised her fair hand, gray smoke materialized. It transformed into a swaying belt and hurtled toward the palm created by the Black Demon Imperator. In a flash, the palm was destroyed.

"Your Majesty, we best leave. Our men are about to make a breakthrough. It's not good for them to fight for extended periods in these circumstances,"

Priest Callum advised the queen through his spiritual sense.

The queen knitted her eyebrows at his advice. She brooded for a short while. 'At this critical time, it is ill-advised to fight these demons.

We are on the verge of a breakthrough.

If we miss this chance, we might have to wait for a long time to progress in our cultivation.

If we can't take care of these demons quickly, we will lose this opportunity to progress. What's worse, we might have trouble when advancing in the future.'

Austin speculated the queen's concerns.

He was annoyed.

'The Black Demon Imperator wants me. On a certain level, it is my fault for involving the evil shadow race. They are in trouble because of me.' Guilt flooded Austin at that thought.

After a while, Austin reached a decision.

"Your Grace, don't worry about me. Take your men somewhere safe so that they can break through.

I'll distract the demon imperator,"

Austin communicated through his spiritual sense.

After that, he used his spiritual sense to speak with Violet, the gnome, Nathan, and the Sect Supremo.

He then transported them to the City model.

The Black Demon Imperator could equal a human cultivator at the Primal Holy Realm. Although Nathan was at the Heaven Realm, he was not strong enough to be the demon imperator's opponent.

A demon imperator could take out a Heaven Realm master within seconds.

That was why Austin sent Nathan to the City model instead

on making breakthroughs.

Moments later, the evil shadow race broke through the demon's battle formation. A multitude of gray shadows flew toward the mountains.

The demons were so terrified by the high morale among the evil shadow race that they didn't have the nerve to pursue them.

Austin was over fifty kilometers away from the Water City.

He had activated the Demonic Teleportation Skill a dozen times by now.

Now, he was flying across the sky in the form of a black light.

Another black light that moved exceedingly fast followed him closely.

"How did you master our demonic skills?

It looks like you have many secrets!

When I capture you, I'll use my demonic skill to scan your spiritual soul thoroughly."

The Black Demon Imperator's voice reached Austin's ears.

"Screw you. Try to catch me if you can," Austin snapped immediately.

Each time he displayed the Demonic Teleportation Skill, he would be transported to a location three kilometers away from where he had been. However, Austin could sense that the Black Demon Imperator moved even faster than him even though he was using the Demonic Teleportation Skill.

Austin also noticed that the distance between him and his pursuer was reducing.

The Black Demon Imperator's triumphant laughter resounded in Austin's ears.

"Brat, do you think you can fool me?

The demonic skill you're using consumes a lot of demonic energy. I'd like to see how many more times you can activate this skill.

When you run out of demonic energy, I'll catch you."

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