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   Chapter 1145 Don't Provoke Us

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8196

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"The evil energy in the Prime Martial World is more powerful than in that small alternate dimension,"

the queen exclaimed as she noticed the weird occurrence.

Austin and she got out of the spatial teleportation passage as everyone else followed them. They decided to investigate.

Instantly, the spot was filled with thousands of people and the vast space soon looked as if it was a black sea of warriors.

The moment Austin emerged from the small alternate dimension, he released his spiritual sense to check their surroundings.

He was analyzing the situation to see if there were any intruders lurking within the Water City.

Just as he suspected, the demon race had already occupied the city.

The whole city was enveloped in an evil aura and demons could be seen everywhere.

Furthermore, as he looked through the Water City, all he could see were damaged rooftops and toppled walls.  None of the buildings were in good condition.

Every street, alley and building, was filled with the remains of human corpses. The bodies were splashed with blood everywhere. The blood had even turned dark.

The thick scent of blood permeated the whole city. It made people feel nauseous, sick and disgusted.

All the damages and losses of life were clear signs that a fierce and vicious battle had taken place.

The demon race was heartless. Wherever they went, they would slaughter indiscriminately and would leave blood flowing like a river in their wake.

As Austin looked at the thousands of dead bodies of human martial artists, his eyes became as cold as icicles.

Though the lives of the people in the Water City had nothing to do with Austin, they were all human beings. Even animals would feel sympathy for their own kind, so he also felt a surge of hatred towards the demon race.

Meanwhile, in a room in one of the mansions in the Water City…

There was a figure that was sitting cross-legged and meditating with the evil aura surrounding him.

The evil aura made it hard for people to see his face clearly.


It's him! The human boy! I can sense him!"

the man exclaimed as he suddenly stopped meditating and opened his eyes. A vicious look appeared in his eyes.

Then, with one move, he suddenly disappeared from the room.

By this time, all the members of the evil shadow race had come out from the spatial teleportation passage.

"The city is completely shrouded in the evil aura. This can only mean

treat me like this. They give me the due respect that I deserve when we meet!"

the figure accused as he got more agitated and exasperated.

"What on earth do you really want?"

the queen asked. Her tone was ice cold. It seemed like she was getting more upset and she might start fighting with him soon.

Just then, Priest Callum who was standing beside the queen suddenly uttered in disgust, "Humph! You are merely an avatar. In the event that fighting breaks out, you would have a slim chance of winning."


He means this is just an avatar of the Black Demon Imperator?' Austin thought to himself after he heard what Priest Callum said.

"Ha-ha! Yes, you are right. I'm indeed just an avatar and I have been left in the Water City to wait for that human boy.

Even though I am just an avatar, my strength is good enough to deal with you.

But just as you have said, the evil shadow race and the demon race have never offended each other and therefore we should each mind our own business.

How about this? I'll let you go away without embarrassing you unnecessarily.

However, this human boy must stay,"

the avatar of the Black Demon Imperator declared, with one finger pointing at Austin. "The others may leave."

"That is impossible! He has helped our evil shadow race and we owe him a great deal. We won't let you touch even a hair on his head. If he is in trouble, we will do our best to help him!"

the queen responded coldly.

"Oh! I see."

Once the Black Demon Imperator finished speaking, his eyes gleamed with infinite viciousness and the evil aura around him began to surge violently.

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