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   Chapter 1144 Escape From The Small Alternate Dimension

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When the luminous portal appeared above the altar, Austin immediately noticed that it was actually locked by something very powerful.

Layers of grey energy surrounded the portal and sealed it tight.

"Austin, you can start now!"

Priest Callum shouted.

Austin stretched out his hand and furrowed his eyebrows in concentration. Soon, a red flame grew brightly between his palms.

As he activated the power of the Scorching Evil Fire, the flames transformed into fierce beasts and charged out from Austin's palms. The beasts pounced ferociously on the portal to break it open.

He was unleashing the Unearthly Fire attack he had mastered lately.

In that moment, the blazing flames turned the sky a frighteningly bright red. The flames wrapped the portal and burnt it with increasing might.

The grey energy that sealed the portal flowed violently. It struggled against the extreme heat generated by the Unearthly Fire attack.

From the way the grey energy flowed, Austin could tell that it was some sort of dark and evil power.

Unearthly Fire was an effective attack against the grey energy because they belonged to opposing powers that could neutralize each other.

"Let's pray! "

Priest Callum hollered at the members of the evil shadow race as Austin unleashed the Unearthly Fire.

Upon hearing him, they all knelt down in a circle facing the altar. They began to chant prayers in a foreign tongue and the weird sounds of their prayer filled the valley.

The humdrum of prayers produced a mighty evil energy that kept flowing into the staff held by Priest Callum.

From the grey statue at the top of his wand, a giant shadow of the God of Evil flowed out and strode to the portal in a swift movement. It roared and attacked the grey sealing energy.

It punched and struck the grey energy over and over again, causing the whole space to vibrate violently.

With a wild cry, the queen also released a long and mighty river of evil energy. It travelled up to the altar and hit the grey energy with might.

The rampage against the grey energy continued fiercely for two hours.

At the end of the second hour, the efforts of the group finally paid off. The layers of grey energy began to dissipate slowly and grew

ur evil shadow race is not afraid of the demon race!"

"Yeah. Thousands of years ago, they would've quivered at the thought of fighting against us!"

"Humph! If the demon race dare to mess with us, we'll beat them black and blue!"

As soon as the queen finished her words, several members of the evil shadow race shouted these statements out loud. Their fighting spirit soared and made them underestimate the might of the demon race.

Austin stood amongst them and couldn't help but marvel at their words. It seemed that these members of the evil shadow race were rather difficult to handle.

"Let's get out of here,"

the queen told Austin as she slowly flew towards the portal above the altar.

Austin followed her.

The crowd also followed them in a chaotic formation.

In the Water City, hundreds of miles surrounding the shrine of Xian Clan was lying in a rubble. The ground cracked. The area was in complete ruins.

In the centre of the ruins, in that moment, a hollow space suddenly formed and vibrated with fury.

Then, the space opened up and figures of men and women proceeded out from it one by one.

The first one walked out of the space was a gorgeous woman in royal dress. She was the queen of the evil shadow race.

She was followed by Austin with a look of determination on his face.

"Is this the Prime Martial World?"

The queen took in the air of the different world like a child after she walked out, and her beautiful eyes lit up with excitment.

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