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   Chapter 1143 The Precious Herbs At The Astral Grade

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Earlier, both Austin and the queen of the evil shadow race had closed their eyes and immersed themselves in the process of healing the queen's internal wound.

Now, the queen's wound had healed. As a result, both Austin and the queen were relieved and opened their eyes. Surprise was reflected in their expressions as they looked around. Earlier, the pool had been filled with light purple water. But now, they saw that the water had evaporated.

When they glanced at each other, Austin and the queen realized that they were completely naked. To heal the queen's wound, they had to enter the pool without clothes. Now that the water was gone, they could see each other's bodies. Immediately, both of them blushed and felt immensely embarrassed.

Austin's mouth went dry when he saw the queen's perfect, seductive snow-white body. His blood flowed wildly, and his heart raced faster.

However, Austin realized that it was inappropriate behavior to stare at the noble queen. Although reluctant, he closed his eyes again.

The queen, at this particular moment, was dumbfounded and flustered. Never had she expected that she would find herself in such a situation.

Her heart was pounding, and she felt as though her whole body was on fire.

Even though she was the queen of her people, she was still a woman. When she found herself in this embarrassing situation, her first reaction was no different from any other woman's in the world.

However, after taking a few deep breaths, she calmed down. As a queen, she had to be good at dealing with all kinds of situations.

Seeing that Austin had closed his eyes, she left the pool and waved to her clothes that had been placed on the side near the pool. In a flash, the clothes on the ground flew to her, and she dressed herself.

"Mr. Lin, I'm dressed now. You are free to open your eyes.

I'll wait for you outside the cave," the queen said softly.

Thinking of what had happened, embarrassment flooded the queen, and her face turned red again. She did not dare to stay any longer. After taking a deep breath, she exercised her bodily movement skills to leave the cave as quickly as she could.

After the queen left, Austin stepped out of the pool and put on his clothes.

When he reached the cave's entrance, Austin observed that the queen seemed to have regained her usual composure.

"Thank you for your help, Mr. Lin!

I can feel that the internal wound in my body has been cured,"

the queen spoke sincerely as she slowly bowed to Austin to show her gratitude.

"Oh, it was my honor to assist you. You are welcome.

I'm glad that I could be of help,"

Austin said humbly and hurriedly bowed to her to show his respect. Although Austin was looking at t

mountain for almost half a day!

At the last moment, just before the monster could kill them, Austin quickly teleported them into the City model. Then he used the Demonic Teleportation Skill a dozen times to escape the monster.

They had never met such a powerful diabolic beast in their lifetime. Even now, Austin would panic at the thought of the beast.

Four days later, several people from the evil shadow race came to fetch Austin and his companions, who were picking herbs in the small alternate dimension.

They told Austin that their Priest Callum had made full preparations and that they need Austin's help to break the hidden power of the seal.

Austin and his team members then followed the four people to a valley.

The valley was full of people from the evil shadow race. Through a rough count, Austin estimated that at least tens of thousands of people from the evil shadow race were present.

In the middle of the valley, above the huge altar, Priest Callum held a strange wand in his left hand. A gray evil shadow carving continually exuded an evil and strange aura from the top of the wand.

He wrote all kinds of formulas above the altar with his right hand. Meanwhile, he danced around the altar in strange and mysterious steps.

A few moments later, he exuded a powerful, evil, and strange energy aura, which soon spread over the whole altar.

Having witnessed the scene, Austin speculated that the strength of Priest Callum was unfathomable and that he might even be more powerful than the queen.

As Priest Callum continued to write his formulas, somewhere above the altar, a thick grayish white mist appeared.

Then, a faint door began to reveal itself.

'It seems that this door should be the space teleportation channel, '

Austin thought as he stared at the abrupt change.

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