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   Chapter 1142 Inside The Pool

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Austin was stunned at the scene unfolding in front of him.

It never crossed his mind that the healing the queen was talking about would be like this.

Apparently, he and the queen would have to be in the same pool -- completely naked.

'No wonder she looked very shy when she came to me this morning, ' Austin thought.

"Mr. Lin, I am ready now," the queen said.

The queen had already hunkered down in the pool, completely rid of her clothes. Upon seeing that Austin had been completely dumbfounded, she bit her lips and reluctantly called Austin at once.

After all, even though she was the queen of the evil shadow race, she was still a woman. More than that, she had never even had a man before.

This was the first time she had ever been naked in front of a man she knew nothing about. Of course it was natural for her to feel extremely shy.

But she had no choice. This was the only way for her to heal herself.

No one knew her internal injury better than she did herself, and she was well aware that if she did not tend to it as soon as possible, all of her cultivation base would slowly go to waste.

The queen had to call Austin's name twice before he was able to recover from his shock.

"All right then. I am going to take my clothes off now."

Austin muttered as his face turned the same shade of red as a monkey's behind.


The queen closed her eyes as the blood rushed to her neck, all the way to her face. Now, she was so red that she looked a little intoxicated.

Upon seeing the girl in front of him blushing like there was no tomorrow, Austin almost lost his mind.

Even though he had two wives back in the Violet Orchid Empire, he had never actually slept with either of them.

Thus, Austin was still a virgin, and now he found himself with a beautiful woman, and they were completely naked beside each other.

In that moment, his heart was beating very fast, and he was so nervous that he could barely move properly.

He removed his clothes and jumped into the pool as quickly as he could, splashing some of the purple water in the process.

Now, his whole body, apart from his head, was completely submerged in the pool.

"Mr. Lin, let's

nd the freezing energy was raging on.


The queen screamed -- seemingly unable to take the pain anymore.

About an hour later, Austin had already used his vital energy stone to replenish his vital energy five times.

More than that, he had also taken a large amount of pills to generate more vital energy.

Finally, after about two hours, it began to quiet down inside the pool.

At last, the freezing energy inside the queen's bod had been depleted.

The queen was quiet now, and the calm look on her face showed that she was no longer in pain.

Her internal injury had finally started to heal.

"Mr. Lin!

You may stop now. It seems like my wound has finally healed,"

the queen said to Austin using her spiritual sense after three hours.


Austin sighed in relief.

Since he had been infusing his own vital energy into the queen's body for three hours now, he was naturally both physically and mentally exhausted.

More than that, his energy meridians, as well as his vital energy stone were both empty now.

Thus, it was really a great relief to Austin that he could finally stop now.


Austin and the queen let go of each other's hands gently.

Afterwards, "Ah!"

Both the queen and Austin could not help but let out a yelp of embarrassment.

It was until they finally opened their eyes when they realized that the entire pool of purple water vaporized, revealing the entirety of their naked bodies.

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