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   Chapter 1140 The Evil Shadow Race

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After Austin returned to the queen's palace, the old priest reported his conversation with Austin in detail to the queen.

Once she heard the good news that the seal could be destroyed, the queen was suddenly thrilled and let out a sigh of relief. She had always longed for the day when she could finally be free from this palace which became her prison.

So the queen instantly changed her attitude towards Austin. She began to treat Austin and his friends as distinguished guests in the palace as if she never tried to kill him in the first place. In order to show her apologies for her previous rudeness, the queen held a banquet in honor of them.

While they enjoyed the delicacies laid before them, Austin started to converse with the queen and got to know her and her race even better. And just as he had previously thought, they were not human beings at all. Instead, they belonged to the evil shadow race.

The evil shadow race was a special race which had a very long history. Back then, the evil shadow race did not have many members as compared with other races, but everybody knew of their existence. That was because there were countless powerful members in the evil shadow race. Their capabilities were known far and wide.

Austin finally understood why the queen and her people were sealed in this small alternate dimension in the first place.

It turned out that they incurred the wrath of an extreme powerful creature a thousand years ago.

Driven by the rage, the formidable enemy decided to slaughter one-by-one all the members of the evil shadow race and erased them from existence.

To avoid their total annihilation, the former leader of the evil shadow race found the small alternate dimension which was the perfect hiding place which can fit all of them. The former leader's cultivation base was already at the Emperor Realm. So he was powerful enough to seal some members of his race into the small alternate dimension. It was like a Noah's Ark in order for their race to continue existing.

As time flew by, the remaining members of the evil shadow race had lived in the small alternate dimension for a thousand years, unable to even get out and see a glimpse of the outside world.

Austin sighed deeply and pitied the evil shadow race after he found out the pain and suffering that they all have to go through in order to survive.

He could never imagine that the evil shadow race who lived in the small alternate dimension were actually sealed by the former elderly leader. But then again, he had no other choice back then. It was either perish or stay hidden in this dimension.

Since a thousand years had already passed, the evil shadow race's enemy might have already died.

But even if the enemy was still alive, he might have already forget his hatred for the evil shadow race. It had been a long time after all. No one could possibly bear such hatred for someone for so long.

So all the members of the evil shadow race were quite desperate to leave the small alternate dimension. They wished to finally be free of this place which used to be a safe haven but had turned into a prison.

But more than anything, the evil shad

did the normal process, it would have taken him over an entire year before he could fully consolidate the preliminary stage of the Tribulation Realm.

It was all thanks to the Refined Vital Energy Liquid that Austin was able to shorten his consolidation period to just a few days.

Austin suddenly remembered that another secret weapon had been added to his array of arsenals.

The Invincible Bow!

Austin had already refined the Invincible Bow.

But the Invincible Bow had ten restrictions in total. Due to his low cultivation base of the vital energy back then, Austin was only able to break the first restriction of the Invincible Bow. There were still nine left. It would definitely take time, patience, and tons of concentration to break them all.

Now, since Austin had made a breakthrough and became a cultivator at the Tribulation Realm, he wanted to give it a shot to break the second restriction of the Invincible Bow.

So he took out the Invincible Bow from his Space Ring.

The purple colored Invincible Bow was as tall as a man. It was covered with pristine patterns and colorful lights hovered around its body, from which its destructive power could be felt.

Austin squatted with the bow in his hands as the vital energy force in his body was being transferred to the purple bow. At the same time, Austin also released his spiritual sense to enter the bow.

About four hours later, Austin had finally succeeded.

The second restriction of the Invincible Bow was finally broken down. It took longer than expected.

Austin was still clueless about the power of the present Invincible Bow. He planned to find out and experiment with it when he got the chance.

All of a sudden, he turned his head as he felt something. 'I wonder why she wanted to see me in secret, '

Austin murmured to himself. He then returned the bow inside his Space Ring and left his room. After several leaps, Austin landed at a flat vacant area deep inside the bamboo forest.

With decorous manners and a graceful posture, a belle awaited Austin's arrival. She looked at Austin with a complex expression.

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