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   Chapter 1139 Cooperation

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The Scorching Evil Fire followed Austin's voice, as it released a scarlet fireball, the fireball then suddenly turned into a fierce tiger.

The tiger's body was engulfed in scarlet flames which emitted a dreadful, oppressive and scorching heat.

The tiger roared as it zoomed past the valley and charged into a nearby dense forest.

Everything it touched instantly burned and turned into charred remains before it vanished, leaving a trail of scorched ashes.

The powerful attack stemmed from the burning essence of the Unearthly Fire.

Meanwhile, the scarlet Scorching Evil Fire continued to conjure up different images of beasts, including a lion, fox, wolf, leopard and even an elephant among other interesting animals.

After some time, because of the powers of the fireball, it had burned the trees surrounding the valley down, leaving a barren patch of land covered in black soot and ashes.

'Wow! Awesome!' Austin thought in amazement at the power of the Unearthly Fire. Austin knew that he had gained one more powerful skill that he could use to attack the enemy.

"What's that scarlet flame? Oh my god! Is that the Unearthly Fire?" While Austin was busy practicing how to use his newfound powers and testing the Unearthly Fire, a wrinkled old man in a gray robe outside the valley was keenly watching and noticed his actions.

He stared at the scarlet flame with a knowing smile.

He trembled excitedly, as glittering lights of joy reflected in his eyes.

It turned out that the old man was the priest serving the queen.

He then got nearer to Austin so he could observe him and confirm his suspicions. At the sight of the Scorching Evil Fire, he was ecstatic.

"My god! It is the elusive Unearthly Fire!

Is it a gift from God? Has he finally remembered us and endowed us with the Unearthly Fire, so that we can finally break the seal and get out of this place!"

Priest Callum exclaimed in excitement.

He then quickly transformed into a shadow and charged towards Austin. His action was so swift that mere mortal beings would not notice with their naked eye.

"Who's there?"

While Priest Callum was still in the outer valley, Austin had detected with his spiritual sense that someone was watching him.

Austin had been communicating with his friends using his spiritual sense when he noticed the Priest. He immediately put away the Unearthly Fire and waited for him watchfully.

Austin could sense that his speed was not normal, and his was moving weirdly fast. Based on his speed he deduced that he would be a formidable foe.

"Who are you? What do you want?" Austin exclaimed.


e to find him.

"Alright, now you know what I mean.

If we want to get out of this place, we have to cooperate.

I have been studying the seal for hundreds of years. I am familiar with it, and you own the Unearthly Fire.

It is a perfect match,"

the old Priest Callum concluded as he stared at Austin.

"Hey, kid, he is right.

I have checked the exit in the upper space of this altar. It is blocked by a formidable power,"

the gnome told Austin through the spiritual sense.

"Well then…" Austin paused as he contemplated for a short while.

Let's cooperate." He finally conceded.

In order to leave the small alternate dimension, Austin decided to cooperate with him.

"But I have a question.

Why didn't you kill me and steal the Unearthly Fire from me? It's more convenient for you, isn't it?"

Austin asked with a secret knowing smile.

"Hey, young man, the Unearthly Fire is difficult to deal with.

Even if I kill you, I may fail to subdue the Unearthly Fire. The cultivation method we practice is a kind of evil skill, which would counteract the power of the Unearthly Fire. We don't have the right conditions to subdue the Unearthly Fire,"

the old Priest Callum said honestly while rolling his eyes.

"Okay." Austin finally understood his intentions.

"Moreover, you guys are all formidable foes. I don't want to fight with you,"

the Priest Callum added.

It turned out that he could see how powerful Austin and his peers were.

"Well then, since we have reached a consensus, please follow me. I'll take you to the queen,"

said the Priest Callum.

"Okay." Austin nodded.

Now that they would be fighting shoulder to shoulder. Austin believed that the queen would not give them a hard time.

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